Alum Creek Smallmouth

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  1. All the bigs wieghts at the bass tounrys are from smallmouth. How do you fish for them. i Assume off the points . But how do you you fish for them.
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    points - generally this time of year I cast towards shore and just try to keep whatever I am fishing just above the bottom following its contour(jigs, spinnerbaits, countdown rapalas types/rattletraps, even deep diving cranks on occasion). I tend to fish the points closer to shore where it drops off real quick. Or try to find some submerged rock beds around the original creek. Then try drop shotting or working your favorite jig in there.

    I wouldn't know this year though, all I've been fishing are cranks lol.

  3. So you keep your lure off the botttom. What about plastic?
  4. learn how to smallie fish on bassmasters....... on saturday morins on ESPN
  5. saw a muskie troller land a 4lb smallie along the dam last saturday
  6. haha, yep just run right out on the lake and using your electronics, just like kvd, find a hump coming up to 8-10ft with some different kind of rocks on it that has current running around it, right out in the middle of 20 foot of water, then just chuck out the sexy shad and catch one every cast!
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    Fish for largemouth.
    That's the only way I ever caught smallmouth in inland lakes. :)