Alum Creek Saugeye Tactics?

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  1. I moved to the Westerville area 3 years ago and just sprung for a new boat (first boat) this spring. I live between Hoover and Alum and want to really get a idea of how to fish Alum Creek for Saugeye. I grew up on the East side of town and fished pay lakes, farm ponds, streams and rivers. I got addicted to Walleye fishing Lake Erie several years ago, but with work, family and the price of fuel; it makes it tough to get up there more than a couple times per year. Since Alum is so close to me, I would like to learn how to fish this reservoir for Saugeye. Can anyone share some tactics how to be successful on Alum Creek for Saugeye? I'm not looking for your honey holes or spots. Would the tactics I use on Lake Erie for Walleye get the same results on Alum for Saugeye? Early spring using hair jigs tipped with a minnow and early-mid summer using a worm harness? Any tips or advice? Main lake? Focus on the points?

    Thanks for all your help.
  2. Also, I would be happy to offer a seat in my boat for some help and advice. I have a 20' 5" Lund Alaskan with a 115 HP 4 stroke Yamaha. I'll buy the fuel....

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    i rarely fish alum,but saugeyes is saugeyes,so the same things will generally work on different waters...........................but not the same things that work for walleyes;)
    that is,similar baits will work,but presentations,etc need to be adapted to produce well.jigs work as mentioned,as well as harnesses.but concentrate on flats,points and other structure in shallow water.shallow meaning mostly less than 15 feet,and as shallow as a couple feet at times.some people say they suspend,but many of us believe that if/when they indeed do suspend,they are in a negative/neutral the bottom foot or two of the water column for active fish.follow the baitfish.don't forget blade baits and spoons such as hopkins,kastmasters,etc for summer fish.snap casting or vertical jigging can be very effective when the shad ball up in mid/late summer,and the fish key on those times,the eyes can be in water up to 20 feet,but generaly shallower,and most of mine come from less than 10 feet at most times.trolling cranks can work well also,and this time of year,again think shallow.
    i'm sure some alum regulars will add good stuff to help get you on the fish there.
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    CaptKC, saugeye fishing on Alum is a completely different animal than what you have experienced up on the big pond. I have fished both extensively. In fact, I am kind of burnt out on the big pond. Anyway, my experiences on Alum have been as such:

    Find a flat, cold water of 55 or less and you should look for deep flats in 20-28 fow. Then, slowly drift fishing a plain leadhead jig in 1/8oz tipped with a bass minnow. Once you hit a spot where you get bit, move up and drift back over it(you might even throw out a marker but it's not really necessry). Then, as the water warms, look for shallower flats especially where the wind will blow onto them. I like flats that are shallow as 6-8 fow. With a nice breeze the saugeye will stack onto these areas and put the feed bag on. Again, the jig and minnow will produce in these locations, but they'll also chase a 3" twister tail on a jig or a vibee or a small crankbait. Mostly, it's all about timing. This information should give a good starting point.

  5. I thought I knew how to fish alum until fishslim and his protégé ying6 rewrote the manual. Now I just chase the hot bite and hope I'm not too late.
  6. What Misfit and Critter mentioned are the methods to start with. All i will add is where on lake to start easiest for you i would suggest launching at Galena ramp as you turn to go out on to main lake to your righgt on east shore is points and flats one after another which i have found as well as other regs i know fill up first with saugeyes. As mentions jigs and tipped jigs with minnows will do the ticket but also blade baits or shad raps cranked on the points or edges can be deadly this time of year. I would start on ends of points 10-12 foot deep and work sides and top and keep moving in as misfit mentioned i also feel your active fish will be moving shallower then most people want to fish so as you work point make sure you fish water as shallow as 2-3 feet they will be there at times. No fish move to next point hit a fish or get bite take moment to notice depth where was bite at top of point on a drop going off point shallow was ther some stumps or wood in area then pattern that on other points. East shore line is loades with long points that go way out and give you plenty of depths to work with small flats between them. Flats as critter mentioned are found all over lake from by beach to all the way north of 36-37 and all hold fish any roadbeds you find will also hold fish.As i always say keep moving till you find them because somewhere you will find active fish which will make up for searching time you. I feel this will be a great year on Alum with many quality 21-24" fish caught. Feel free to ask any ? anytime will help if i can. :)