Alum Creek ramps?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Weekender, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know when the ramps at Alum will be open and accessible? Are the docks in yet? Hoping to head out this weekend to play in the sludge.
  2. OSU_Fisherman

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    The Cheshire Rd ramp over on the east side has a floating dock in. I launched there Wednesday and everything was great. My fish finder even said the water temp was around 50, but I'm not convinced it was working correctly haha.

    Have fun out there!

  3. Floating center pier was in last weekend at the new galena ramp. The large tie-up dock was not in yet. Not sure about the other ramps.
  4. Muskarp

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    Don't know about Howard Rd. But all three other ramps have the center pier in.
  5. Hi all,

    Has anyone been to Alum Lateley say from 4/2 ? Trying to head up on Sunday and wanted to get water condition reports. I just got my boat back from the shop and wanted to run for awhile and throw a line. Thanks.:B
  6. Thick Rick

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    I will be on Alum Saturday and Sunday both. I will post an update here tomorrow evening and let you know how it is. Maybe we can meet up at some point out there Sunday. Looks like it is going to be a great weekend weatherwise. Sunday looks really nice!
  7. Hey all I'm glad to hear the floating dock is in at galena. Wondering how far down the lake is ? Need to wake a couple of sleeping giants and maybe try for a spin ? Wondering too if the logs are out and about ? they were bad last year.
  8. Thick Rick

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    Fished Alum for a few hours today. Water was cold. And pretty stained. And cold. And a couple feet low still. And did I mention it was cold? The surface finally warmed up a bit. When we hit the water at 9:30, it was 43 degrees. By 3:00, we found 52 degrees on the surface, and that was south pool and not in a cove and that was when I finally got a bite. That was it, and I missed it. Only bite of the day. Gonna be sunny all day Sunday and 60 degrees by 11am. Gonna try for 2 bites :D

    Wow, it's really fishing season isn't it?!
  9. Bassnpro1

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    I was out as well. I managed a couple of crappie but that was it. I did see some people on the bank pounding some crappies on minnows on laydowns in10-15 ft of water. I only had jigs and couldn't get them to touch them for some reason. I found some surface water at 59.8 degrees by Howard Rd. That was the warmest I saw. Like Rick said the water was really stained. I will be out as well tomorrow, this time trying for a bass or two.
  10. Nickadams

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    Anyone catch any bass on Alum today?
  11. Bassnpro1

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    I ended up chasing crappies again, so no bass from me.
  12. Fishing the northern part of alum all my life dont really think the crappie bite around howard rd and hog back will pick up for a few more weeks. its still pretty early.