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  1. Guys,

    I am in search of any aerial photos of Alum Creek before it was created. I have heard that the Huntington Army corp of Engineers may have these from surveying the land before constructing the dam. I have emailed them and no one has responded. Maybe they don't give them out anymore because of the times we now live in?? Does anyone know if such photos exist? Where could a guy get these? I always thought it would be interesting to see what structures occupied this area before hand. Maybe even pick up on a couple of new spots to fish. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. The last time I was down there. I don't know if it was the park office or a nature center. They had pictures of the area as they were building it. There were several pictures in different stages. I don't know if they are still displayed. :F

  3. Yes they exist and so do Topo maps of the proposed lake. There are also arial photos of the lake as it was filling. I would share but i have been sworn to hold the secret. If i share the secret, they will take my tongue from my mouth and bury my corpse and the low tide mark.
  4. Erie Addict,

    The secret being where to get ahold of these?? (place, person, etc.) That's a buzzkill stating I know but can't/won't tell. Why would these be top secret? What a minute, this doesn't have to do with Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance does it?;)
  5. I would start with the Westerville public library. My wife usually has to send in a search party to find me when I take her to her doctors appt on State St. Lots of historical documents not found on the web.
  6. These pictures are out there( I have a set)....Its like holding onto a big hunk of gold. I know many guys that would buy copies of these pictures for $200+ dollars....but they are too valuble to be giving out.
  7. Oh, I guess I didn't realize the severity of the question I was asking. Kinda like asking where a guy can get some of those good "illegal" cubans.;) I'm new to bass fishing from a boat and begining to understand that it takes time and research to even begin to improve at this. Takes a little more than dumping the boat in and getting the line wet.
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    I've got about 60 minutes of video footage from 15 years ago when the lake was drawn down about 20' in March. Some VERY revealing stuff...especially up and down of Howard road. There were areas that we could walk (old road beds), but most shoreline was too mucky to even attempt to collect baits and bobbers along.

    I'll start the bidding at 10 legal virgins, and a top flight bluetick cooner! :D
  9. Video footage, man you guys are serious. I have to admit that is a good idea.
  10. That video coverage when the lake was 20' down...that right there is priceless.

    I know a couple of buddies who, when the lake was ultra clear years past, took a fly over with an airplane and took photos.

    Alum Creek is just one of those lakes where understanding the bottom is key.
  11. Hint
    Any one ever find or fish the "2 bridges" in the south end? Killer saugeye ice fishing!
    How about The old Boy scout camp ground foundations?
  12. I have the new Humminbird Side imaging sonar and man, I could drive down the sides of alum creek all day. There's a lot of stuff down there, but most of it didn't hold fish (bass) from my experiences, I may just be fishing them at the wrong time. I have seen foundations, roadbeds, rockpiles, weedbeds, stumps, trees, old dams, bridges, etc...just about everything down there.

    I have been trying to find information on Alum creek before it was flooded as well and the most I came up with so far is some old maps from the early 1900's, but I have yet to check a few very good sources.
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    I always wanted to know how good that side imaging sonar works, looks very cool, the pic of the underwater bridge they have is unreal. Does it pick up schools of shad, fish like bass sized, things like that? I wanted one for the yak, thought it would be cool, until I saw the price and its 2x the price of my yak!
  14. Well you need to be going 2-6mph to use it, not sure if that would work out too well in the yak.

    It does pick up bait balls, but it's hard to distinguish the bigger fish like bass from possible debris on the bottom. There were a couple of occassions where I have seen lots of baitfish on it and some bright bigger white dashes near/under the baitfish. As far as seeing fish on structure or cover, they would have to be slighly suspended to recognize it.
  15. EE


    pictures of Alum creek before the lake was formed ..... I agree it would be pretty interesting. Sorry I don't have a set, if I did I'd share them with you (or at least tell you where to go look for them) as it sounds like you want to put some time in, do your own due diligence about the lake.

    Net, good suggestion - I agree the Westerville public library would be a good place to start. Bassaddict good luck, I hope you find what you're looking for.
  16. EE,

    Thanks for the encouragement. As they say, the sqeaky wheel gets the grease. If they are out there then they can be found.
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    This is so funny. It is far from gold - indeed, it is public info! Go to your local library that is part of OhioLink and request the following title:

    Title: Flood plain information, Alum Creek, Ohio, Columbus and vicinity / prepared for State of Ohio Department of Natural Resources by Department of the Army Huntington District Corps of Engineers
    Publish Info Huntington, W. Va. : The District, [1967]

    CShaver, Could you forward me some names of people that will buy these for $200+ as I'm broke and could use the money to finance my new Triton!

    I hope some recreational fishermen use this information to identify honey holes. Get there early and dont let the tourney guys chase you off your newfound spots!!! If they do, please peacefully and strategically ruin their day of fishing like they have done yours. ( I say this out of jest as I've had so many tourney guys crowd and run me out of spots on the lake and I'm still ticked about it....)

  18. JamesT,

    Thanks for the info! I myself don't find it to be gold either but nothing more than a picture. We're not talking about a 2 acre pond. Just because you may find a spot doesn't mean that it will hold fish, and if it happens to doesn't mean you will catch them.
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    You can get these maps from a federal govt service that took it over from the USACE. They are in Pueblo Colorado. I ordered these for West Branch and a few other Northeast Ohio reservoirs before they were created. They are $12.00 each for a copy.
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    Are they maps, topo maps or photos?

    Do you, by chance, know the name of the federal govt service that you are referring to? Several variations of google searches proved fruitless.

    This seems like a nice option and I'd like to get some!