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Alum Creek Fishin'

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Perchy101, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Well - I'm about to walk out the door for work ... But I made a purchase with dad today at Gander.... We ended up buying brand new canoe... I believe the make and model is the Rouge River TK14... Don't quote me on it... But I believe that is it...

    We thought about getting belly boats/float tubes but thought for an extra 200$ we could have a nice canoe.. so we got it... (never mind we almost killed our selfs 3 weeks ago during a canoe trip ;) )

    So we are going to be at Alum all day tomorrow fishing (like we always are) But now that we can get out and into the water more.. our options are greater...

    I'm not looking for areas... Just looking for some help on where Suageye tend to hang out....

    Like.. In the Coves? The mouth of the Coves? Main Lake? ETC...

    We plan on going after more then just Eyes.. Like Crappie and Gills' and it would be sweet if we got a perch for two :)

    Thanks - PERCHY
  2. Life jackets perchy... don't forget them and wear them dude !

  3. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Speaking of them... We bought them... Do they have to be worn at all times.. or only in the boat? I know that sounds silly...

    Or does anyone else have a place where I can go read on stuff that we have to have with us while on the lake?

    Thanks - PERCHY
  4. Let me think about this for a second. You & Dad bought a canoe to fish Alum Creek Reservior? Correct?

    I hate taking my RANGER there because of all the 2ft waves made be the speedboats and ski boats and jet skis and you guys are going in the canoe?

    Wear your lifejackets all the time buddy. That's all I can say.

    Good luck and I hope you catch a lot of fish.
  5. Capital outdoorsman

    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    Hey Perchy. I fish from a canoe all the time. Mostly at Hoover but I've been out on Alum quite a bit in it. I usually put in (99% of the time) at Howard road or there is a great canoe launch at Big Run Road. I like the north side mostly for the piece of mind of not getting run over by boats. Plenty of places to fish for a canoe there. Stick to the deeper coves this time of year for Crappie and Saugeye.
  6. Yup, at least on summer weekends, I won't take my Skeeter out on Alum Creek Lake. It's just not worth it, with the calmer waters we have around here. But, if you must, Capital Outdoorsman offers good advice -- keep it in the northernmost 1/3 of the lake, which is "no wake." Just don't assume everyone will follow that rule...
  7. SwollenGoat

    SwollenGoat Scourge of Hoover

    Yup, didn't want to rain on your parade but there are some pretty big go-fast boats at Alum. I thought I had seen it all until last Friday night fishing with ShakeDown.

    I saw a 45 foot 3 axle trailer in the lot at Cheshire and wondered what rolled off of it...

    ....35 ft. Red Catamaran with twin 572 c.u. blown big blocks...1100 h.p. each!

    Luckily he was just breaking it in!
  8. StuckAtHome

    StuckAtHome Mad SOT YAKER!

    :D Did it have a trolling motor?:D