Alum creek figure 8 muskie

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Skunkedagain, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Caught this guy today at Alum. I know it's not that big, (30 inches) but it was cool to catch one doing a figure 8. Also caught a 20 inch saugeye in the same area.

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  2. esoxhunter

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    way to go skunked !

    I'm gonna try to get back out there friday.

  3. Congrats on your ski, nice.
  4. triton175

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    I've only caught one while figure-eighting, but that was enough to keep me doing it on every cast.
    Nice catch.
  5. sweet..i wanna see the 20inch eye!
  6. Not a musky fisherman, But I have caught alot of big ones this year on 5" tubes. Any size fish is nice, atleast you caught one.
  7. It is exciting to catch one on the figure 8, especially when you don't see the fish following. Would be easy to fall out of the boat. Here's the pic of the saugeye that almost pulled the rod out of my hands.

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  8. Nice fish skunked. I havent been able to buy a muskie or eye on alum all year, I was starting to think the lake was empty :confused:. Nice to see proof someone is catching them.
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    Ah yes, the figure 8! Congrats skunked, I have only caught one fish ever on the figure 8. It is exciting, isn't it!? Only a muskie would completely ignore the 2 feet of rod sticking into the water and smash a lure. Congrats again!
  10. DaleM

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    Nice story !
    No matter what size they are they are all fun to catch. My biggest were caught in a bass tournament. Caught 2 the same day. 1- was almost 40" and weighed about 15 Lbs. The second was a tiger Muskie that was 44" or more. What a blast to catch on 10 lb. test line.
    I'll have to get back up there and refresh my skills soon.