Alum Creek Crappies Monday night

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  1. Got on Alum tonight for about 3 hours. Man it was windy and by evening felt like October!!:p Hit about 7-8 spots would catch 1-3 keepers then nothing. Made another move and hit them fast and furious for about 45-minutes. Were on a windy point with brush in about 6-10 foot of water. Nice healthy blacks were right on surface then if you got past them and let jig fall you nailed a good fat White Crappie.Was throwing a single 1/8th ounce jig 3" lime twister. Was letting jig freefall on a tight line down edge of point would get a pretty hard hit. Would really have pounded them if wind was calmer they were hungry and very active. Water was 77-79 and good color. got 2 13" others we kept were from 10-11" more Blacks then whites. All very healthy and fat. Camera would not work so no pics. Hope to get out again soon. Good fishing!!:) Oh also got 1 saugeye about 15" and buddy got a dandy largemouth was just shy of 20".
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  3. Nice job troy. Sounds like the same pattern I had during the ogf crappie tourney back in may. Wind and points go hand in hand.
  4. fishslim,do you ever NOT catch fish:p ,,,nice job man!
  5. Yeah Terry pretty much that type pattern. Was talking to someone over weekend and said he was trolling 10-15 foot water over points and could not get any saugeyes because it was none stop crappies and some white bass. So with that in mind tried a couple on main lake and they were there but wind was to tuff to stay on them. So went to a spot more protected and finally got them. Was really suprised though i was not expecting to much action with front the way it was north to northeast wind and really blowing,but they were hungry if you put it in front of them. Next is to try to wake some up at Oshay those crappies are being quite finicky this summer!!:confused: Was total destruction on them this time last year,this year couple trips very few fish. Marks are in same areas but not opening there mouths.
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    TROY tuffed it out, way to go!

    Need a boatride soon man...i cant fish for bass (ELBOW) and would enjoy hittin the water for something smaller.

    i gotta call you and give u my new ###