Alum Creek Catfish

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ontheattack, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. I want to have a good night of catfishing. I've fished deleware lately with poor results. Anybody done anything at alum for cats.
  2. jake74

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    In the past two weeks I have hit the north end of alum and done very well. I have been fishing howard road and up into hogback. Did have better luck fishing from the bank but took the boat out a few times. I fished in shallow flats and used cut bait. Caught a 28 and 26 inch channels last night about 1am.Good luck

  3. ovlo


    I went catfishing fry night on the southside of the lake got:S

    usualy do pretty good up north just trying diffrent spots here and there
  4. Steelwolve

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    We did well after the big storm that came through about 10pm on thurs. Right after the storm we went out and fished near the feeder creek cove mouths north of Howard Rd. Caught 9 Cats that totaled 24 lbs. in 4 hours. Fresh cut shad was the ticket. They were hitting really hard, a 1.5lber hit my bobber so hard it took my rod and almost flipped it outta the boat. But when I went back Friday night from like 9-10:30 I only got 1. There in there but It seems like its all about TIMING this time of year. Good Luck up there and FYI if you go up North much watch out for very shallow water on the east side before Hogback Rd it gets to like 6 inches, found that out the hardway lol luckily no damage. but we were stuck for a minute.