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Alum creek below the damn

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jringo68, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Any suggestions for Saugeye's below the Alum Dam and on under the bridge(lewis center Rd.) Was wondering if the water level is too low or the current is too slow. new to the area and am land locked til next spring. jringo68
  2. First off, welcome.. Second, I wouldn't waste too much time below the dam right now. But that is just me. I would concentrate above on riprap either by the dam or around the bridges. The water below the dam is very low and clear, I haven't been able to get anything going down there. But then again, who would have thought Antrim would have held the state record saugeye.
    hope this helps

  3. Ying6,

    Sorry for the typos. And, thanks for the advice. I will give it a try up there and see what happens. I was below the dam last week and there were a number of them up on the shoreline just sitting there. I was using a minnow and bobber and they would not budge. But the crappies did. Have a good day. jringo68
  4. EE


    suprised you got close enough to see saugeye along the shoreline, we see Muskie cruising the spillway area all the time but the saugeye typically prefer the bottom of the pools. was it overcast/cloudy?
    also - hit the boat ramps now and again, eyes will come up on the concrete chasing bait just as readily as up on the rip rap along the dam.
  5. hey eeeek. Why do they call it rip rap if there really isn't any ripping or rapping going on?
    I wonder if you were seeing the suckers along the bottom. - I have noticed a lot of them hanging out along the second pool.
  6. EE


    rip rap is slang for "strewn about", like the pile of boulders that it is. (plus, if you fall while trying to walk on it, it'll rip the a** out of you...........I've seen it and done it!)

    jringo68 could have been looking at suckers, but they don't look much like saugeye if you ask me. then again, I'd be suprised to see a handful of them up so shallow in the daytime, as sensitive as their eyes are to light
  7. Hello. I see i have generated some debate on what fish I saw. I saw them around 9pm last Tuesday, it was about two to three feet of water. We were pretty sure they were not suckers. but I could be mistaken. The antrum saugeye was a big surprise. my buddy was out there for the trout release. he got there about an hour after the release and people were leaving with nice stringers of trout. he did not get a single bite. lol.
  8. gonefishin'

    gonefishin' Lifestyle Farmer

    I'm going to try for Saugeye all winter, if I don't freeze. I'm going to try all of those. The one about the ramps is interesting. Don't rule anything out. Good luck!
  9. sowbelly101

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    there is no lie to that, i was pulling my boat onto the ramp one evening last year and there were 2 guys standing on the ramp casting at alum... neither one of them got out of my way so i made sure i made as much commotion as i could when putting the boat on the trailer.. i was pretty p.o.'d since they didnt give me the right of way, well i decided i would leave my boat running wot once i had it on the trailer to pay them back, the one guy called me a few choice words and all i said was its a boat ramp. well my plan backfired on me and they caught 3 eyes before i pulled the boat out of the water. i guess by stirring the water up i threw the bait fish into a crazy swirling motion an it turned the eyes on.... i guess they shoulda thanked me instead of cussin at me..hehe

  10. during the summer i will often cast into the water where a boat has just motored up to the trailer and catch smallies and saugeye inthe wake..of course i never get in the way of the boats using the ramp..its hard enough to trailer a boat without lines in the water etc