Alum Creek Bank Fishing.

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    Hello all,

    I am anxiously waiting to go fishing at Alum Creek in the morning. i was hoping someone could provide me with a good location, off the bank, to catch crappie. I know you don't want to giva away your honey holes but any info would be appreciated and kept secret;) .

  2. You can buy some minnows up there at Chesire and catch crappie in just about any of the bays up there at Alum, problem is this time of year the lake might be drawn down some and those bays could be dry, you might try around some of the bridge supports and rip rap on the main lake, I think about this time last year I caught a few crappie in a bay off of Hollenback Rd just on the other side of the Chesire bridge.

  3. Water is still up. If you pick bait up at Cheshire, go north and on the east side 9of Africa) you will see a big bay. There are 2 pull offs. Go to the more north one, walk down to the water and there are several trees you can fish back there. I caught a bunch of crappie in 6ft last night, and that area is about that depth. If that doesn't pan out you can head more north and fish Howard road. There is a nice walking trail that you can fish a bay again with a lot of trees in it.
    That is where I would start.
    after that you are on your own.