Alum creek, 9/20-22, 10/4/08

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    OK, so here are a few reports of my success / failure at alum creek in the past couple of weeks: All 4 days sunny and clear, and from 50* - 70*

    9/20/2008: So starts my birthday bash. We were on the water at 6:30 a.m. trolling rapala deep divers in deep water to no success at all. So as the sun came up we started to hit the coves with the rapalas, spinners, and jigs. My dad caught his first muskie, a gorgeous little 22" fish, on the rapala. I caught no such thing :-\ that was at about 11 a.m.

    Trolling those cranks, we ended up with an 11" crappie (on a 4" crank!!), and I caught a few bass throwing bucktails. I picked up my crank rod in a perch pattern for a minute and threw one cast and got SLAMMED! After a 10 minute fight, what do I pull up but a 26" long catfish! My dad and I about cracked up laughing. They'll hit anything :)

    9/21/2008: Fished the bank with little bucktails in the morning, and produced mostly smallmouth and a few largemouth. A ton of fish threw the hook. This was the day that our 5' ultralight rods got put in the garage, and the reels were swapped onto rods with a little more backbone :) Later in the day we put livers over the side of the boat on bigger rods and caught 4 catfish (well my dad caught 4 catfish, I caught a little tiny one). Deep water with bait like livers will get you big catfish, period! They seem to love it, deeper the better. We almost lost a rod, but my new rod holders are awesome and they held up even when the fish pulled a heavy-action rod till the tip was in the water.

    9/22/2008: My birthday. My dad's second muskie on the same bait, and I got zeroed for the first 8 hours. WE fished a TON though, and I pulled a few bass off the bank toward the end of the day.

    10/4/2008: My first muskie, finally! And so it should be, because I went out and spent 58 dollars on new buck tails, rapalas, and other equipment! little muskie, no more than 16 inches lol. But it was a muskie, so I was happy. Also got 2 good largemouth (one of them on a trolled worm harness), a tiny white bass, a good size crappie (again with the worm harness... those things will catch ANYTHING!) and the muskie. A 5 species day is a good one, IMO. I gotta get my numbers up though.

    Also, I'm getting tons of hits from muskie in the spillway, but they keep striking toward me, and I can't get a hook set (using a medium action bass rod).

    OK that's all. You can expect tons of really detailed fishing reports from me, whenever I fish (allllllllllllllll the time!). Hope someone finds it helpful :)
  2. Very nice report lots of detail and a good many fish way to go.

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    You at Ohio State too?
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    If you go to OSU you should check out our Bass Fishing Club
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    So, how do I join? :)