alum crappies

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  1. I got some nice crappies at alum today.........
  2. How many did you get?? What was the avg. size to them??

  3. and... not asking for a honey hole or anything but, were they shallow, suspended, in wood? minnows, jigs, color? any info would be very cool.
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    Any more info would be nice.
  5. took a vac. day today,spent 11 hours in a .cove at alum.the crappie are in shallow,ave. depth in the cove is 4 ft. kept 26 over 10 in. minnow under a bobber set about 2 ft deep.they are following bait so they disapear for a while then caught was over 60 and the future looks good,all were over 8.5 inches.very relaxing day,i even enjoyed the slow times.
    also,most were males so the good run is yet to come.