Alum Crappies Smoking!!

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  1. Well was up early this morning to get job done as fast as possible so i could take older buddy out crappie fishing. Big fish fry this weekend so pressure was on to find some fish. Got on the water around 4:00 started out trying a few points with wood but with all the boats on lake forget it. So headed to coves and fished couple edges in 12 foot water and almost had to dead stick jig to get a bite but patience paid off with almost all fish that hit being nice white slabs. Used a 1/8th oiunce jig cast out sunk on tight line then slow slow worked back to boat with most bites almost right at boat with jig just dangling off bottom. Well told buddy time to try some windy flats with the nice breeze blowing all day fish should be moving up and down them. They were,we wore areselves out trying to keep the white bass off the hook when you did a fat slab crappie was waiting. No Saugeyes tonight which was surprising. Well got tired of the white bass and headed to last spot just before dark wood right on a drop in 6-8 foot water. Wow was that the right move we caught nice fat slab black crappies there one after the other for about a half hour. We caught over 75 crappies and have no idea how many white bass. But we kept for the big fry 47 10-13" slabs a few bluegills as well and a couple white bass that swallowed the hook deep. Gong to be some good eating this weekend. Water temp is rising was 71 degree water in back of a few coves most was 67-69 degrees everywhere else. Ying6 was also out there in his boat and doing the same thing slamming the crappies all evening but also could not get a saugeye to bite. Was great getting the boat out again been awhile!!:) Here is a picture of some of the crappies.
  2. Hey Rick what am i doing wrong all of the sudden on pitures? they are not big like that when i send them to my photo gallery. Please give me a clue. thanks :confused:

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    When you copy the URL, make sure it is the size of the picture that you want posted. If you click on the photo in your gallery, it will increase in size to the size that the camera took it on. But if you copy the URL from the normal size that is what will show up when posted.

    Great job on the fish BTW.

  4. Thanks i will try to figure that out for future pics. Got different digital Thanks. Boy i messed up this thread!!:p
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    I corrected it for you so it's easier to view.
    Nice catch there.
  6. Thanks Dale sorry!!
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    LOL.i thought i explained that to you before:confused: :D
    just do as bassnpro said.
    when the pic opens in your galery,just click on will open again in the bigger size.copy/paste url in your post and voila!!

    that will cost you one bag of crappie filets or one trip to catch my own:p ;)
  8. poor little fish....
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    Outstanding, as usual! Always on 'em
  10. Man this has been one heck of a year for crappie. Nice going troy.

    Sheriff's back in town...time for me to get the boat wet ;).
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    Awesome! Sounds like it will be a good fish fry.
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    Nice job. I really regret not going crappie fishing at Alum and driving up to Indian lake to get skunked.
  13. Awesome looking fish congrats hope you all have fun at the fish fry!!!
  14. Thanks Guys!! Rick will try to remember in future thanks again and i will have to start working on that. Crappie or Saugeye?;)
  15. Fishslim - Congrats on the catch - It sure is fun when you get into them.
  16. Slim...been a while since I've been on to talk crappie fishing. Have you heard anything about Buckeye Lake? I've never fished it in the fall. I wonder if it's similar to fishing in the spring?
  17. Pigsticker

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    What a great detailed report per usual Slim. Way to bust up those papermouths. Nice numbers and size.