Alum Crappies from shore.

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Corn, May 21, 2008.

  1. Did pretty good this morning/afternoon before work on minnow and bobber. Caught around 7 total, but none were keepers, all around the 8" mark. Glad i caught something this time from Alum. Gave up on Alum last year after getting skunked a few times, but not this year. Also if anyone needs or has and second spot open on a boat(Alum or Del. Lake) in the mornings, i'd be more then willing to hold your boat down, just have to make it to shore by 2pm for work.:) Weekends are the wife's time, so just weekdays for now.
  2. Corn - Don't give up on Alum its a great crappie lake but the key is knowing the hot spots. When I first started fishing Alum a handful of years ago I struggled at first. But after going a few times and eliminating certain areas of the lake I started to find what I call the honey holes. I now have 7 spots that I fish regularly and catch loads of crappie. Now it is a little different for me because I am in a boat not on the shore. If I was a shore fisherman I would fish the boat docks for crappie.

  3. Did not even think of fishing boat docks, as they won't allow you at Delaware Lake. Caught some nice keepers today in same spot as yesterday, all above 10".