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Alum crappies and (no) cats

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by seethe303, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    hit Alum today, 6/9/07 for some crappies and cats.

    it started slow, with no hits on the jig I was throwing for crappie, and only 1 run on the mess of crawlers on my cat rig (probably a carp?), that I didn't hook up with.

    decided to move over to the rip rap on 36/37 and did decently well. in an hour I caught about a dozen crappie. mostly small, but a few keepers. they all went back though.


    put some cut shad on my cat rig but nothing happened there. doh.

    anyway, it was nice to catch some fish, even if they were small.

    all the crappie came on 1/8 oz chartreuse jig. I threw a roadrunner for a bit but I only had 1/16 oz and I couldn't seem to get them out far enough to reach the crappie. all my fish came as far away as I could cast at the very beginning of the retrieve. they did not seem to be (really) shallow today.
  2. The area around 36/37 has been kinda dry the last few days. I'm usually out walking the rocks from about 6pm till 9ish, at least until the boat is done :)

    A few crappie and gills and usually at least one cat on a road runner every trip and then it just dies. Last night the north side didn't really produce anything but the one decent, 18 inch channel, cat and a crappie. The south side gave me a 7 inch cat that I was almost afraid to real in and then nothing. Although I did get to watch a couple of guys show up with some chairs and armloads of gear and goodies to fish. I watched the one guy hang up on every single cast he made. The other guy looked to be feeding the fish almost as fast as he could bait his bobber rig :)

    I went through a dozen nightcrawlers the other day to catch one cat. It's been so long since I've used live bait I just failed to react to all the taps. <sigh>

    I hope that getting in the boat will help find some action soon. Should be done at Knox by middle of the week and then it's time to test it out!!