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  1. In response to my post about alum crappies if anyone would like some help, just email me at I did well yesterday but they where tricky, my best was about 11.5 inches and was very thick, most all i caught yesterday where keepers......
  2. :confused: You didn't seem too shy to ask for our help on 4/15. One guy even told you where & how. I think you'll find most folks in this forum will openly share the basics such as depth, water temp, bait, without compromising location.

    Congrat's on your catch. Now I just need to get my butt out there. ;)

  3. exactly, i post alot about water depth on my fishing on a particular lakes, that doesnt really give away any real big hotspots or bait secrets or anything but gives other guys a good starting point for when they want to try that lake. so i dont think you have to worry if you tell anyone on here that you were catching crappies in shallow water at alum, they are gonna show up and steal your spot.
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    I'll steal his spot and his bait to! lol

    Joking. :p