Alum Crappie Report

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  1. I took the family camping this weekend at Alum and went out on the lake Saturday/Sunday fishing for crappie. Saturday was very hard because of the wind so since I had the kids in the boat we mainly just crused around. Sunday I got up and hit the lake from 6:30 AM to about 10:00 AM an just slammed the crappie. I started out fishing with minnows but kept catching a lot of little ones - So I switched over to a red and green jig and just slammed the big one. by 10:00 I had 17 in the live well all ranging from 10 to 13 1/2 inches. Most were in the 10 to 12 inch ranges but I did have 5 that were just over 13 inches. I had another probably 15 that I could have kept that were in the 9 to 10 inch range but let them go. In the 3 1/2 hours of fishing I caught some where around 60 to 70 crappie.
    Most of these fish were in the 4 to 8 foot range and 75% of the fish I kept were full of eggs. This is a very odd year because normally by June most of the crappie have already dropped there eggs. Sure in the past I would pick up one here or there that hasn't but I believe a lot of them still haven't yet this year. However, with the warm weather we are now having I am sure most of them will within the next week.
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    That sounds like some HOT fishing. We hit them like that two weeks ago, except our were 10-12" no huge ones.

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    My uncle hit Alum this morning. He got his limit of saugeye and caught several slab crappie in the 8-12' deep range. He said he caught several females that were full of eggs yet so they hadn't done there thing yet. I guess all the cold fronts have delayed things a bit at Alum this year. They should be getting it done this week and next for sure.

  4. columbusslim and i hit alum this am, and didnt really find that many shallow crappies, although i was marking fish in the 8ft range and should have tried for them, cuz the ones we found were just here and there in and around some different cover. ended up with a mixed bag of 2-3 small lm, 3-4 gills, and about 13-14 crappies. awesome weather though and a pretty good morning conversating with a fellow ogf'r. and thankfully NO giant waves coming into the boat like the day b4 on hoover!!!!!
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    Yeah thanks again Dan!:) Gotta do it again sometime. (and next time I'll be more adept at flipping. :D) At least I got my second lm ever. :B (not really)
  6. Danshady,
    The one thing I have learned about Alum over the last 8 years of fishing pretty hard for crappie is, don't stay in one place to long if you are not catching them. I have about 7 spots that I have narrowed down to fish for crappie at Alum these are what I call my honey holes. I usually start fishing the first one and this time of year if I don't catch too many in a 15 minute time frame I am usually heading to the next spot. I jump from spot to spot until I find one of my holes really producing. After I am done I usually hit one or two of my spots again on the way out. I do this because crappie often move a lot through out the day. Just because they were not there 2 hours ago doesn't mean they are not there now.
  7. yea i noticed that with my one place that i went to first, they were not hitting at first and i said at the beginning of the day we were gonna keep moving to 3-4 spots. but ya know they were kinda hitting slow in the first place after about 45-1 hour, and then we left to go check out some of my other spots, but i have a feeling they moved up shallow in the first spot closer to midday, that is where i was marking all the 8fow fish