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  1. This is my first post with OGF. Actually, this is my first post anywhere. So, bear with me. I fish Alum, from a boat just south of Howard road. We found a point with 4 fow with deep water close. A month and a half ago we were so busy we could not keep four poles in the water. Now, the closest we get to a Channel Cat is at Meijers Meat and Fish. What happened? We C&R most of the fish we catch. Any ideas would be sincerely appreciated. Bill
  2. i don't fish much from a boat, but i'd guess that last month with the rainy weather the water was cooler so they (and the smaller fish they feed on) weren't as deep. with these 90 degree sunny days, you might just try dusk to dawn catfishing in that same spot.

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    night time is best at alum -I fish the area above howard with good luck
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    Cats will still come shallow to feed. What are you using for bait?
  5. whats up backup....? go down to 36/37,,,turn around ..go to the first cove on the left and fish at about 15 to 20 feet and i swear YOU'LL KILL IT
  6. sorry "bankup" bad for not paying closer attention