Alum After Dark Bite Saugeyes

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  1. Well was doing some work out by Alum got done about 8:00 went to one of the ramps at Alum started throwing jigs had a couple short strikes thought they might be crappies. But ended up being saugeyes fished about a hour got 2 nice ones 1-18" other 1-22 1/2" nice and fat. Got 2 other dinks and couple crappie one white bass. Wished i could have stayed longer but had to get home. Man cannot wait for water temps to get down. :) [​IMG]
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    Why wait?

    Looks like you're off to a good start, suprise, suprise.
  4. You are right i am tired of waiting that is why i keep making short stops at spots in evening just waiting for it to get steady. It might happen sometime in Jan 08 the way this weather is going. Tempature report Indian lake is almost boiling again it was 68 Monday 76-74 tonight. Ouch!!
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    it's gotta happen sometime,troy,LOL.we read water temps from 68 to over 70 in some spots on hoover yesterday:(
    at least you're hooking a couple now and then.the two we got yesterday were a nice surprise:)
  6. have been fishing some of my normal fall spots to see what is going on and right now I am only getting largemouth and smallmouth. This has been the pattern the last couple years, it tells me that the next group to come in will be the saugeye, but they aren't there yet.
    I have been doing o.k. in really really shallow water at Hoover, but I haven't gone enough to get a real pattern.
    Will let you know when that happens.