Alum aAdventure with Ying6,Net

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  1. Well hit the water from shore with Ying6 and Net other night. Bite was slow as it has been,but we managed a couple saugeyes. Both caught on jerks fished dead slow. After Net and Ying6 left hooked up with EE and we fished another hour or so and ended up with 2 more small ones then front blew in from north east got cold fast and we got out of there. Here is a pic of the twins Ying and i got. Hey Terry we made sure to put them in some nice background grass for picture!!:D Mike says his was bigger i don't know picture they look like twins.:) Iheard they made a great fish chowder though the other night. Did get 3 nice fat ones at Charles Mill other night as well on jigs below the spillway. [​IMG]
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    nicely done. your post gives me some confidence to catch alum 'eyes from shore. its the only lake in the area I have yet to really have much luck at for 'eyes in the winter.

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    Good job guys! Keep the reports coming.
  4. Nice grass slim. Looks like a cross between Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Featherbed Bent, and Northern California Sensemilia. Please move those shad out of the way so I can see more. :p

    Sorry, but it's getting tougher & tougher for me to run with the young pups. I'm at home taking my geritol and slipping into bed before some of you make your first cast! :eek:
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    I totally know where that patch of grass is... I'm going to be there throwing minnow type baits with reckless abandon.
  6. just how slow is dead slow???
  7. Let it set 5-10 seconds before next pull of bait then let set again. No twitch just short pull of bait so it flutters a foot or so. Patience the key.
  8. I don't normally fish for eyes with jerks. How big of a bait is best ? I haven't even tried jerk baits and don't really know how to fish these. What color do you suggest!
  9. #10 or #12 Husky Jerks or a rogue. Blue chrome and orange or clown color. Always good!
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    Nice fish!! Were you using suspending huskys??
  11. yes suspending husky and rogues
  12. Hey, Thanks for the tip! I'll try experimenting with this info you gave me!