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Alum 9/25/04

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Buzzman, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. Picked up two bass this morning, one off of rip rap and one on the side of a main lake point. Water temperature was 69 to 71. Worked to back of a couple of coves, but didn't see anything.

    Lot of fish activity on the LCR at 28'.
  2. JBJ


    Hmm. Still deep, eh? Did you look for some grassy/weedy areas like we did on Clear Fork?

  3. I'm not sure if they're deep... The water was about 8 degrees warmer than Clear Fork. I spent an hour and a half pitchin' in the weeds with not a bite. I also spent some time on deeper structure. I was only out for about 4 hours, probably not enough time to pattern them. The water seemed very clear to me today, but I couldn't locate any shad shallow...
  4. Sorry I didn't have a better report for you, but Sean and I fished from 7 til noon. Mainly along the dam. I got 4 'gills and two tiny smallies. Alll on Bandit 300, Tennessee shad color. Had one good hit on it when it hit the water, and in true smallmouth form, it ran right at me. Never caught up to it either. Spit it out at me, and then my trolling motor went dead. Awwww, shucks. Now I gotta buy another one.

    River Walker is home from MI!!!!!!!

    I also didn't see many shad up close. I was fishing well off the bank and using that Bandit 300 and a DT16 too. No luck on spinnerbaits or topwater either.

  5. I spent from about 7am-11am at Alum Creek on Saturday. Fished mostly the northwest side. I was mostly throwing a 5/8oz lipless crankbait, bouncing it off the bottom looking for bass, but ended up catching several 10" crappies instead, each at the mouth of a different cove. I've never had such consistent bites from crappies while fishing for largemouths... :confused:

  6. Just got back a little while ago, I took the second shift out there today (fished from noon to 6 PM). 1 smallmouth, 3 largemouth, a crappie and a 22" muskie to end the day. The smallie came over 22 FOW waking a spinnerbait, then the wind calmed down and the sun came out. I had a lot of follows after that, but couldn't get them to commit.

    Nothing pitching plastics again, the fish definitely wanted something burning back to the boat.