Alum 9/2/04

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  1. Ok, everyone has a story of the one that got away and here is mine. I was crappie fishing at Alum last Thursday and caught several nice crappie between 10 & 13 inches. I just anchored around one of my honey holes and withing 5 minutes caught 7 or 8 little crappie when all of a sudden I got hit hard. I got the fish in and realized I had a monster of a crappie on. I looked at the fish and looked at my net and decided not to use my net. When I lifted the crappie up and started to swing it into my boat it started flopping and the next thing I know the fish is gone back into the water.
    I never got to measure it but from the brief moment I saw it Im going to say it was atleast 16 to 17 inchs or bigger. I have caught a few in the 16 inch range and I truely believe this was bigger than 16 but I guess I will never know.
    Just thought I would share my great fish story on the lake.
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    If it makes you feel any better I caught one at Alum that measured 16 in. I caught her in the spring and let her go. I had a witness but a lot of people don't know crappie get that big in Alum. Let them keep thinking that because I know better. I have caught a lot of 13 to 15 in. fish out of there.

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    but the problem is there catfish. :D

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    Who was your witness?
  5. Shane R - Nobody but me - But that is ok because I know they are their and where they are. So, if no one believes me that is fine. More fish for me.
    I tell you though a lot of my neighbors no different because every time I come back, I am out cleaning the fish and showing them the big crappies that I have been catching.
  6. I think he was probably busting your chops after the Hoover bass thread of a couple of weeks ago. If you keep them, why don't you snap a picture? If not for everyone else, just for you. I love finding pictures of successful days on the water. About the only pictures my parents have of me from when I was a teenager are me with a fish. I still don't like to take pictures unless I'm holding a fish. My screensaver at work is my daughters holding up fish.

  7. Joel, I actually did have a few taken. I need to get to a scanner and have then scanned so I can post them. I had a few others taken by my 5 year old daughter but the only thing you can see is my lovely face. She forgot to get the fish in the picture.
  8. I take a cheap ($30 - $40) 35 mm camera with me and get the photo cd when I get my film processed. The cheap camera still takes good pictures, but I don't worry about getting it wet or dropping it.