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Alum 9/11 report

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ShakeDown, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Took the wife out for some trollin around 5pm, and had one of those off the wall nights. Caught a few eyes right off the bat, 2 keepers out of 4. Nailed a NICE smallie (had to have been 5lbs easy) which decided to snap my line next to the boat before my wife could get a net on it. Saw him jump 3 times, and gave me goose bumps he was such a chunk. Realized the hard way my drag was hosed on one of my baitcasters.

    Maybe 15 mins after that, one of the rods doubled over...I jumped up, set the hook (this time the drag worked) and off it guess was a big muskie. Fought him for a few mins, spit the plug...grrrr...

    Started finding some eyes again, most were 16-18 inches (put em all back). Finished the last stretch of our troll, and decided to call it a day. Told the wife to reel in the lines as I pulled in the drift sock, and I hear her say "somethings up with this one, it won't reel". I go over, and notice that the line is all twisted around the rod tip, unreelable. I cut the line, and start pulling it in by hand a notice some resistance...biggest eye of the night, caught by hand, around 3.5 lbs.

    Had a blast, and I WILL be back for that smallie and musky that burned me ;)
  2. la2ohio

    la2ohio L.A.2Ohio

    If you don't mind me asking where did you hook the big smallmouth at? What did you get him on? How fast do you troll? Thanks for any info you feel comfortable releasing.

    Will (la2ohio)