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alum 8-25-04 tough day!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by sowbelly101, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    fished from 5:30 am til 4pm and only caught 3 12" eyes. i didnt catch any til about the last half hour and i think it was the color that was they were pickin on. caught all the fish trolling the points in 18-25fow, perch hot n tot. I ran the same spots with, gold, silver/blue hot n tots, nada. switched color to perch and picked off 3 fish in 15 min or so. tried thundercranks, wally divers, and wally minnows in all colors,, no fish. tried bouncers too and got 2 small gills. vertical jig'd sweedish pimples, munchies and vibee's ,, nada ..

    tough day on the water and too top it off i almost lost my truck at the ramp, there seem to be some 2stroke oil residue on the bottom of the ramp and when i hit the brakes it kept on going. grabbed the door handle and was ready to bail if it didnt stop, but it finally caught. thanks to the guy that pushed me up the ramp, i woulda never got out if it wasnt for him. went to the other side of the ramp and had no problems getting in or out... whatta day..

  2. I hear ya on the slow day. I went out last evening for a few hours with a buddy targeting bass. All we could find was 3 small ones (not counting the one that he had break him off on light line:( ). We threw all sorts of baits but nothing would produce. The deal with the color is interesting. We were both tossing tube jigs at one point and I could not buy a bite but he was getting a few bites although we were basically targeting the same water. He was tossing a pumpkinseed tube and mine was darker (motor oil perhaps). Anyways, they seemed to have a preference for the pumpkinseed at least on the lake I was on.

    Your story on the ramp makes me glad that I have all-wheel drive on my van.:D

  3. pumkinseed has been the ticket for me on Alum for the smallmouth. I've also noticed a difference adding a little chartreuse to the bait.
  4. I went to Wally World yesterday and hit the fishing section. Guess which color of tube jigs I bought?:D :D
  5. BKR-

    That is a sure fire method to get them to stop hitting that color! :D
  6. You sound like you have fished with me before.:D
  7. Nope, not yet at least. But I have been in the same boat!
  8. Guaranteed they will be hitting on smoke now...

    Good luck this weekend.
  9. Shoot me a email or PM about alum
  10. Slowbelly.... This time of year after the water being up and once it starts to drop the algae and moss on the ramps get bad.... Once it gets wet.... Watch out. You were lucky it didn't keep going in.. I have seen guys lose their trucks and cars at Alum. If you ever have that problem again... Try not to spin the tires... It just makes it worse. Find some gravel and put under your tires and try to ease up the ramp. The more the tire spins the slicker it gets.... Alot of boat ramp have that algae on them.. Just watch it......

    See ya
  11. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    ill keep that gravel in mind, might toss some bag sand in the back just incase it happens again. i have read and heard of too many people goin down in that situation so i thought quickly and was lookin for the way out....

  12. Try using the ramp at the marina. the repairs they made to the concrete are coming apart and there is plenty of gravel on the ramp to keep you from slipping.
  13. GarryS,

    That is a good heads up on the algae. I had not thought about that but it makes sense that as the water drops it will be there. If one could remember to do so it may be a good idea to inspect the ramp prior to backing the boat all the way in. I know I never do this but it could pay off.