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Alum 8/11/04

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Buzzman, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. Went out this afternoon for a few hours. Water temp was 73 degrees at 3PM. Doesn't seem right for August.

    I worked the points for an hour and a half and then decided to slide into the mouths of the coves to see if there was anything going on. Got two nice smallies right away. Both were in 16 to 18 ft of water.

    It seems more like fall than summer out there.
  2. I think this cooler weather is a bonus. Don't you think it will help pick fishing up a little bit. I think it will, and I hope it does.


  3. I also was up at Alum on the 11th in the afternoon and evening. I mostly troll for Saugeye, and have been having a difficult time locating the fish that are active. I get plenty of marks on the depthfinder, but few hits. I think the problem is the wind more than the temp.
    On those hot days we usually have in august, the wind is normally from the south-west or west. With this cooler weather, the wind is from the north or north-west, and it seems to make the fish less active. At least I can't get them to hit cranks. (I caught only one, and it was on a worm harness)
    Maybe I'm just not fishing the right areas. Any ideas??
  4. Alum is turning into my favorite lake to fish (on the weekdays and at night). There were very few boats out there yesterday.

    I don't think the water temps are hurting the fishing, I'm just not sure that the bass (the larger ones) are where they normally would be in mid-August. Great year to learn something new, though. We were on the water from 2:30 to 5:30 that day, the wind was pretty much out of the south / southwest. I caught the two smallies in a matter of seconds, threw back into the same spot and had ~30" muskie follow all the way to the boat. Didn't get another smallies after that from that area...

    As far as the Saugeye, I don't normally target them. I see a lot of guys trolling by the dam, the drop off south of the first point out of Galena ramp, and the points and humps south of the Chesire bridge.
  5. I only thought the cooler temps might release these fish from those dog days of summer. Judging from the weights at the S/t's on Griggs, maybe that's not the case. I just thought the fish would stack up on those areas they would normally use a little later in the year. Maybe on the rocks or standing timber, laydowns, where hear would be more prevalent. I haven't been out, as I'm a little overwhelmed and burnt out currently, but I would try those areas where they might be later in the year.