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    i went out on thursday and had a great time i personally caught 38 crappie with the biggest being around 11'' most averaged about 9'' the two guys i was with caught about 12 each. 1 small bas and one small pearch. my buddie would have had something real nice but he wasn't paying attention and a fish got a really nice suvenier[about a $150 outfit]. but all in all was a really good day. i don't know if it was the rain or that it was overcast most of the day but it seems like the bite may be starting to heat up. we were catching them in between 12 and 16 feet of water and fishing 3-8 feet down floating minnows
  2. Nice going. Looks like you caught the low coming in right on time. Fish can turn on real quick as a low front moves in. Check out and look under Detailed History and Climate.