Alum 7-22 afternoon

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  1. After finishing the honey do list and calling around to fishing buddies (all who were busy) I went to Alum for an hour of fishing and then family boating. Ended up with two bass, one about 20", my second best out of Alum, and a dink 'eye. Good time on Alum for me.
    From then on, it was letting my kids knee board!

    About 8:00pm, the water laid down, I wish I could have stayed as the bait fish were moving!
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    i've been trying to find the crappie at alum and just can't seem to do it this year(none of any size anyway). i've tried all my old hot spots from last year and nothing. i'm going out on thursday and was wondering if anyone had any tips for me.

  3. Think shallower then you would this time of year. We fished last night and as you said caught alot of crappies about 8-9" long. But kept 32 that were 10-11" all which came out of water 3-6 foot deep. Find shallow water close to edge or drop with any brush or rubble and they were there and were hitting hard and fast.:) Only thing was disapointed in the saugeyes were not busy at all last night could not buy one. Had some fun with large white bass coming up around us for shad. They will wear you out on light tackle. Caught the crappies on 1/8th ounce jigs and 3" tails but put on a 1/16th ounce with 2" tail and they were banging it just as good. Hope that helps.
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    Nice bass. 20inches is pretty good. to bad it was not an inch longer of would have been a fish Ohio
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    ehhhhh slim. lets hook up soon. sounds like you had a killer time!