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Alum 6/21

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Warpath, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Spent the day up at Alum Creek with a club member from Columbus Bassmasters. My partner caught 4 short fish including one smallie along the dam. I didn't have a bite all the livelong day until we got back to the cove at New Galena, where I caught two largemouth on spinnerbaits (clown) and one on a Dt-6 red craw Rapala. All around trees, and just after the sun really came out for good. Smallest was 13 and a half inches, and largest was 16 and a half inches.

    Got very lucky on the largest as it wrapped around two branches of a submerged bush and I had to let him work himself (or herself I guess) free, as I couldn't reach the fish. I don't know how everyone feels about it, but I love Stren MagnaFlex. Very castable and tough, good feel. I throw 14 lb test on both of my Shimano Superfrees and won't be changing anytime soon.


    FISHERLADY Fish OH Master Angler

    Glad to see someone caught fish there.... I was there all day Sunday. Nothing. water muddy and lots of crazy people! eek! water skiing, jet ski's, tube skiing, etc.. Saw a lot of bass people too. I also saw some guy in a green canoe. He was there rowing.. We launched off at New Galena boat ramp. Lots of people! Poor fish were probably wondering what the heck was going on! lol... everyone stirring up things by driving back and forth's. Some people were speeding! No wake areas! I saw something that was funny and thrilling. 2 bass boats were fishing in some coves..we were a way's from them in the clear to muddy water look when Suddenly a monster LM comes leaping out into the air! wow! I saw it my fishing partner didn't. It gave me goose bumps... wish I would've caught it. LOL. Reason why I say it was funny, was the 2 bass boats were fishing away from where he jumped. He jumped up as to say, "Ha, Ha, here I am." Didn't look like anyone else had any luck either. Went to Clear Fork first.... Don't go there! Lots of downed trees.... water is very muddy too. Everyone there didn't catch anything. Oh well, try again another day... lol