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Went out to fish the rocks off 36/37, as I will until the motor in the boat is running(sigh).

Had a great evening, fished from about 6:45pm till just after 9:00pm.

Put out one line on the bottom with shrimp on and flipped jigs and road runners while waiting. Crappie only wanted road runners it seemed. White head with a blue and silver flake tripple ripple did ok at the start, switched to a chart head with a black and blue/chart tailed 2" tripple ripple and 'slam'. Ended up with 23 crappies with more than half over the lake limit and a 20 inch channel cat. That was a fun fight on an ultra light :)

Got my first fish ohio fish on the shrimp. 26 1/4 channel cat that had a little vinegar in it's veins. Took out a little line and ran for a bit, was a nice change from fish that just roll over. The shrimp only produced one more cat and a few bites though.

If the weather holds off I'll hit the rocks again after the wife leaves for work :D
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