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Alum 11/7

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by la2ohio, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. la2ohio

    la2ohio L.A.2Ohio

    Fished from 2:30p-4:30p and ended up with 7 fat crappie all over 10", one largemouth just under a pound and a fat (been eatin' well for winter) 2lb saugeye(digital scale read 1lb. 15/16oz) bounced + or - while getting a weight, 16.5". This saugeye's gut looked as if it swallowed a tennis ball and a half. All were caught close to shore in the north west coves of Alum just south of 36/37. The water temp. was 54(F) with wind from the Northwest and all were caught on bottom-bounced 1/16oz jigheads with a small chartreuse bubble body or clear twister tail on 4lb. P-line (green). Thought I give some of the few that still have their boat non-winterized a detailed report before the freeze.

    Good luck,
    la2ohio :D