Alum 10/25/08: Quality < Quantity?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Clayton, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Clayton

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    Fished alum creek today, hit the water at probably 8:00, and fished until roughly 2:00. I know, maybe I shoulda been in the tourney, but I think not! Let me tell you why :p

    We went north, hit the road beds, then went north of 36/37 and tried to hit that roadbed (yeah, more like snagbed!). Caught lots of fish north of cheshire, probably 60+ white bass between us, 1 saugeye, and a big bluegill. Half of those were in the early morning, but there were probably 3 doz caught in the afternoon. North of 36/37, we caught one tiny largemouth bass and that's all. Not so sweet.

    I saw a lot of tourney-looking boats out and about... anybody do any good? I waved to several and interrogated everyone who came by, and nobody had any happiness to share :(

    All of the fish we caught were caught in 14-16 feet of water, jigging vibees off the bottom. Those baits just can't lose, man :D Thanks to whoever recommended em.
  2. I caught 4lb smallmouth and a 1.5lb largemouth, and we lost 6 other keepers in the tournament :(

    Ended up in 4th place one spot out of the I really need to figure out why I am losing these fish.

  3. crittergitter

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    Not sure what lures you caught them on, but do you keep the standard hooks on that the lure came with or do you swith them to something different? I like Gamakatsu and switch many lures to those hooks. I am also leary of small hooks.
  4. I lost two good ones on back to back casts on a bait I replaced the stock hooks with No 2 triple grips on. The problem can't be the hooks/lure. The problem must lie in my line/rod combo, or possibly me not letting them take the bait long enough.

    I also lost a 2lb largemouth on the same crankbait I caught the 4lb smallmouth and other largemouth on....hooks are very sharp, kind of small, but they tangle enough as it is. My buddy lost 3 on a similar crankbait.
  5. Clayton

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    What / where were you guys fishing? I've tried to produce largemouth and smallmouth consistently out of alum and all I ever get is screwed lol.

    As far as losing fish, all I can think of is put some braid on, really sharp hooks, and a totally stiff rod, and try to hammer em home and drag em in the boat before they have a chance to throw anything! :p
  6. Braid and trebles with a stiff rod is almost going to rip those little hooks right out of their mouth everytime.
  7. Clayton

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    ? I've never had a problem with it... I lost a lot of fish at first on braid, but when you get used to the hookset that stuff is like having a hammer when you wanna drive nails :)
  8. does it really make that much of a difference? I have been thinking about trying braid but cannot decide.
  9. Clayton

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    Personally, I love it. The sensitivity can't be beat, and you'll almost NEVER lose lures anymore. Normally you try to jiggle the lure free, and if that doesn't work, break it off, right?

    Well, with braid, you have the first option, then you can either try to straighten out your hooks or break whatever you're snagged on off, or just reel it in! I've pulled in 5-10 lb branches before (which doesn't sound like a lot, but that's a big branch!).

    I think it makes a huge difference, but don't ever wrap your hand in it and try to break off but it will reallllllly hurt you bad. I can assure you, I'll never use anything else again except for catfishing, because you just need to break off so often doing that.
  10. thanks for the info man.

    i think im going to give it a try next season. im just going to stick to my normal stuff for the rest of this year.
  11. crittergitter

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    LOTS of guys over on RS site that fish smallies 24/7/ for the big smallies that kind that know how to use current and love to jump........they have swore off Triple Grips as worthless. Most guys that customize the hooks on their crankbaits or jerkbaits over there use the standard Gamakatsu #2 trebles. I would go with the stock Eagle Claws over triple grips. Just to many problems and lost fish with them for some reason or another.
  12. matt, i told you gammies are the only way to go, check out the superlines they are pretty awesome, sticky sharp and ultra strong.
  13. One reason I chose triple grips is because KVD uses them on all his lures in the high dollar tournaments he fishes. I figured they couldn't be a bad choice if that's the case. I have also read about others who swear by them up and I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe other hooks are better for smallmouth...
  14. Here is a little tip about using triple grips versus round bends.....

    I like to put a triple grip on the front hook of a crankbait or spook.....if the fish are really eating a certain bait, they will get hooked with the triple grips and not come off. On the back of the bait, I use a round bend treble, for if a fish is just coming up and swiping at the bait or not totally eating it, the round bend had a wider gap that is more likely to hook the fish.
  15. Marshall

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    Matt, there are many factors when crankbait fishing. Sometimes they are just gonna come unbuttoned no matter what you do, trust me. Start off with a good quality cranking rod. Limber tip with a strong backbone close to the handle. I prefer 7' rods for open water situations. Keep in mind you don't want a noodle for a rod. As for hooks i have tried them all and still lose a few fish. My best luck is gammys. I usually upsize the hooks if i can get away with it. Not a fan of braid and cranks. also smallies have a more meatier mouth unlike a largemouth with a lot more cartilage. Also larger fish have thicker mouths and if a hook tries to penetrate one of those hard areas you are more likely not to get a hook in them. Most of all i feel most fish i loose from cranks are fish that half *ss eat them, swipe at it and not really get it. This could be the wrong color selection or wrong action of the crankbait. Also watch how the ones you hook get hooked. When you get them on the back hook for some reason they didn't really want to eat it. Those ones come unhooked the most. If possible do not change directions while bringing the fish in, i learned the hard way. Hope this helps its just what works for me.
  16. Clayton

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    I think I'm going to try a few feet of florocarbon as a leader material this weekend, just to see if the bass and saugeye respond to it. I tried the same trick on muskie and while I didn't hook up, I had 3 incredible strikes. Throw on a leader and the strikes all go away :(
  17. Thanks for the tips Marshall. I know what you mean about switching directions when bringing em in, I learned that one the hard way as I fight them around to the other side of the boat if I have to instead of switching directions.

    I'm going to start experimenting with different setups/hook, and continually use the best setup to my knowledge in tournaments until I feel I have one better figured out.
  18. If you are going to use the flouro as a leader, i would use at least 5-6 ft. I started using this set up on most of my spinning gear set-ups for most lighter soft plastic fishing, but i would break off on the hookset a little too often. Then i bumped the leader up to 15lb and i can count on 1 hand the times this year that i broke off on a hook set.
  19. Clayton

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    Sounds like a plan. i've got 10lb, but I doubt that I'll break off very often... I actually thougth about filling up a spool with mono, to see if it would actually help my crankbaiting. But I doubt it :)
  20. ok I used mono for years upon years and took my first trip to Canada a couple years ago so I switched to braid. I have not gone back since then. I think Suffix is far better then SpiderWire. Since Braid though I keep getting in my head that I seem to miss more fish though. The tips that I learned is that you should have your drag set a lot looser then you would with mono. THat way when you set the hook, there is a little "play" since theres no strech in braid. I hooked a MONSTER at alum a few weeks ago and I was convinced it was a monster musky. I had my drag so tight since I was using 30 pound braid that when the fish hit and quickly snapped its neck back(Thats what it felt like), I broke the line at the lure because there wasnt any give. I was also told that you should use a fast taper rod. I hope this info helps.

    I do love braid, when I get snags I just pull through it and get it out. Ya it does bend the hooks but I just bend them back.