Alternate Bait Shop near Magadore

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  1. Went to fish at Magadore yesterday and true to form, Magadore Bait was not open at the stated 7am time. Turned around and went back to a bait shop we saw on 43 just North of 224. This shop is on the West side of 43 in a strip of stores (far right end) just after you head North off 224. Name is November Gun Bait & Tackle. He opens at 6am and was a pleasure to talk with. The waxworms and maggots were excellent size. They are having a Ice Fishing Tournament on Feb 5th. You can call for more info: 330-628-0138.
    Told him about the OGF site, the size of our membership and suggested he might want to consider advertising with us. Wouldn't hurt to stop in, look around and be sure to let him know you are from OGF.
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    But did you catch any fish???????????



    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Yes Novembers are a nice bunch of guys. I entered their ice tourney last year and was happy with the way they ran it.

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    that was a great ice tourney last year, I'll make sure to fish it again, anyone else planning on it?
  5. I will be fishing the long lake tourney, To bad they are having them the same days but thats the way it goes.
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    thats because you guys can't see me at my lake.....
  7. Went to November's this afternoon and I think they gained another patron. :) Very friendly, great bait and decent prices. Thanks Shortdrift.