Al's restaurant/meat shop in Barbeton?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by boatnut, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Any of you Akron/canton/ Barbeton guys ever been there? I read a real nice review in a cooking magazine on both his meat shop and restaraunt. Sounds like a road trip might be in order!

  2. Lewzer

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    My uncle's (stepuncle) son owns it. He got all the recipes and "stuff" when he bought it from Al a few years back.
    It been a Barberton icon for decades. All the old country Hunky recipes your mom used to make.
    His name is Gary.

  3. ncraft150

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    I go there for their beef sticks. They are awesome!!!!
  4. A guy i used to work with - he brought in sausage for a pot luck dinner we had.....and they were absolutely awesome.........said he bought them there. He lived in Cuyahoga Falls or somewhere near there and would drive to Barbertucky to get his sausage........

    i believe he got the hot was unbelievable.

    Maybe I'll have the wife pick up some next week!! Good call!
  5. Lewzer

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    What cooking magazine was it in? I'll have to let them know.

  6. it was in "gourmet" magazine. very nice article on both the meat shop as well as the restaurant. Thanks for all the replies. gonna schedule a road trip soon :)
  7. Lewis


    We grab lunch there a couple times a month.
    Awesome sausage sandwiches and perogies!
  8. I weigh 250lbs thanks to the hunky sausage:) great stuff!!!!!!
  9. I live in barberton and the only time the resturant is open is 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or durning concerts at lake ann. get there early the food is great. all hunky grandma style cooking
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    Anyone willing to share an address or do we have to look it up?
  11. ncraft150

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    It is right in the middle of downtown Barberton. 563 West Tuscarawas Avenue, Barberton, OH 44203. The resturant is on the same side of the street but down a little ways. I think the resturant is only open for lunch if Im not mistaken.
  12. ahhhhh yes very good sausage .buy some,you wont be sorry!!!!!
  13. Lewzer

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  14. Im born and raised in Barberton and still live there. And theres one thing for sure I was raised on was Hunky Sausage from Al's its the best. And the food at the restaurant is awesome and its cheap too for what you get. Lunch only 11 till 2. If you go to the store try the stingers. A spicy beef/pork stick that tastes exactly like the hunky sausage only a little spicier.