Alot Of Guys Out On The Ice, But........

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    I've had quite a few people stopping in for bait the past 2 days.When I ask them how the ice is, the response has been anywhere for 3" to 5".Guy's I love to ice fish, but you will never catch me on 3" of ice.To those who will be venturing out this weekend, "BE CAREFUL"...........Most of my customers fish private lakes, farm ponds and strip pits around the Streetsboro-Ravenna-Kent-Shalersville-Hudson-Mantua-Garretsville area.The ice in your region might be more or even less.......................Mark
  2. Yeah, 4" is my minimum but I usually wait for 6". It's just not worth it, but I'm thinking we should be able to find some safe ice this weekend here.

    I'm taking my spud bar with me. Hit it on the ice before you step, if it goes through, turn around and walk back the way you came.;)