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  1. I got my clover plot planted back in May and it is taking off very well. I also planted a smaller strip of millet next to it for the turkeys and grouse. I mowed the clover about 1.5 months ago and I am going back down this weekend to give it one last mowing and nice shot of fertilize before hunting season. I am also putting in my annual hunting plot this weekend as well. I am planting biologic green patch on my northern plot on the gasline (first pic). Below are a couple of pics of the plots I have on my 100 acres in Vinton County.

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    somehow ,i thaught you were a waterfowler from O DUB! that aughta bring em inn better than a string o wings.

  3. You thought correct:)
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    Looks good. I'm getting ready to plant my fall plots in Preble cty pretty soon. I think you'll see a big difference in the critter activity this fall with all the extra food they have now.