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almost gardening time....

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by hardwaterfan, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    time to start thinking about the vegetable garden again! :D

    so far this is on the agenda:

    peppers (hot and sweet)
    herbs (cilantro, sage, and oregano so far for sure)
    kohl rabi

    possibilities: potatos

    last year i tried corn and got some really beautiful ears but they were bland as could be.

    what is something different or unusual that you plan to plant this year?

    ive got to have a few weird things in there. last year was these peppers which looked really cool on the package and i did get 2 cool looking peppers, one was purple and one was orange. but not like the package which showed all kinds of wild looking colors.

    my garden is only 10'x15' but it produces far more than we can eat, there is always a whole lot to give away to neighbors.

    this will be my 4th year of having a garden. "G4"

    last year was the best i ever did against the deer. using 2 tricks, blood meal (dreid blood) available at garden centers.....which makes a great fertilizer as well as a repellant. and "liquid fence" stinky spray.

    last years salsa was (and still is) awesome..... we made about 40 jars. in three kinds of hotness.... mild, hot, and very hot. course thats all relative to the user. ;) it definitely has some kick to it.

    last year i started all my own seeds and was super-impressed. thats the way to go. imo.

    good gardening. ;)
  2. 'maters, cukes, hot peppers, bell pepper, green beans, corn, cantaloupe, crook-neck, zucchini, acorn, butternut squash, turnips, beets, radishes, spinach.

    Freeze the corn, squash, turnips. Mom cans the beets (I hate 'em). I make several types of pickles plus salsa, tomato juice and can the beans. It is a lot of effort but having that frozen corn for a meal in the middle of winter makes it worthwhile.

    I use manure from our alpacas in the garden, it has really boosted production. Don't have to wait for it decay so it does not burn the plants.

  3. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    My dad has a large garden, 60' x 90'. Usually at least 4 different types of tomatoes, acorn squash, zuccini, summer squash, couple rows of green beans, turnips, Atlantic Giant pumpkins, peppers, etc. But, one of his favorites (and mine) is the Swiss Chard. Better than spinach, never bitter, and it won't bolt in warm weather. Loaded with vitamins.
  4. We also have a 10 x 15 and it also produces far more than we can eat. we do the regular, tomatoes, green beans, zuccini, Strawberries, Cumbumbers, and onions, cant wait to get my finger in the ground and start planting,

    We've use big boy tomaotes and there good, anybody have any other suggestions we should try, most of out tomatoes, get cut up into may and tomatoes sandwiches.
  5. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    damn i forgot about all that other

    i knew i forgot something....

    wanted to try a sweet potato plant or acorn squash or something sweet like that.

    sweet beans are always good, and i cant forget about a pumpkin or 2 for halloween....

    as far as tomato plants go, ive already stated my experience level, but i have tried quite a few varieties already, and my 2 favorite, best tomato varieties are:

    early girl
    better boy

    they both taste good and produce a lot. early girl is perfect for is the better boy too i guess.....early girl really produces a LOT of fruit (in my experiences.)

    ive also tried the giant delicious, rutgers, beefstake, and others but they dont produce as well (for me) as those 2 i mentioned above. the beefstakes do get really big though which is cool to see. my dad likes to grow those in his garden, and he loves to show off the big ones.

    i also always like to have at least 1 cherry tomato plant for outside snacking.
  6. I moved to a new home prior to last years growing season and had way too many other things to accomplish besides a garden. I've been thinking about this for weeks now. I had a small garden at the old place and just planted the basics...tomatos, cherry tomatos, cukes, radishes, green beans, all sorts of peppers, carrots.

    I've always had good success with 4th of July tomatos...not too big and have good taste...Better Boys are a good variety too.

    I picked up purple bell peppers for a few years...a slightly sweeter variety of green bells, but not as sweet as the red ones...those were good.

    Overall, I miss my raspberry bushes/vines the most...the last two years at my old house, I can't begin to guess the quantity of berries I harvested...I had to give them away! There were just too many. I will be planting plenty this year, may not get any berries this year, but next will be worth the wait.
  7. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    the last 2 springs i have planted raspberry bushes (a few stray plants from my parents) and they have browned out and died both times :confused: :(

    not from lack of care, i dont know what the deal is...
  8. hardwaterfan...My old raspberry plants had many roots shooting all over and sprouoting back out of the ground and would produce fruit. However, any of those that I dug up and gave to my dad had the same results as you, dried up, died, and never came back :confused: .
  9. I also have had a hard time with rasberrys :( My thornless blackberries are very hardy though :rolleyes: Asparagus once it starts get ready for more than you can eat after a couple years.I guess I am like most people when it comes to other things,try this and that.When it comes to tomatoes I always put out morgage lifters along with the early & late porducers.Been kinda lazy the past couple years but are going to go at it again this year.Oh corn I never put out,for what you can buy it for why waste garden space,just my opinion?Good luck to everyone this year.Oh dang I hate pulling weeds :)
  10. I've had a hard time withmy garden the last 2 years. I think I spend to much time fishing and working and not enough taking care of the garden. Need to set up an automatic watering system. If you like big, red,delicious tomatoes, try Parks Woopers. You can get the seeds. Sometimes you can find the plants at Wal-mart. Great taste and high yield. I usually pull the suckers off my plants to make the fruit bigger.
  11. Garden thieves are something to deal with as well. I have mess of rabbits (at least 6) that visit my backyard. The only time I see them is in the middle of the night when I put the dogs out. Never enough time to grab the pellet gun :) . That, and they hear and see me, so the dogs have no chance of catching them. I've been thinking about live traps, just haven't done it yet.

    Another garden thief is my oldest dog, Buck. He loves green peppers and any hot pepper as well. He'll pull them right off the plant and eat them! Shoot, once he actually pulled the whole plant right out of the ground :mad: .
  12. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    the garden theives i deal with are rabbits and deer,. but ive had great success keeping the rabbits out with chicken wire fence.

    the deer ive done good keeping them from even wanting to get in with the 2 things i mentioned above.

    another thing i want to try this year is to put a little dried blood in a spray bottle and make a mixture with it that i can spray.

    i agree about the corn, it does take up a lot of space. it was cool to see it grow and make the ears. i did get some picture perfect ears but like i said it was tasteless. :( plus racoons got into it..... time to try something else...the dried blood probably atracts the coons and they just climb right up the chicken wire. also had a lot of fungus on some ears. like gray masses.
  13. I've planted tomato plants in the same place for the last 4 years. I'm thinking the ground might be worn out, what type fertilizer should I use for tomatoes? I heard nitrogen, just want to verify it from the experts.
  14. Another thing I have been growing for years is oriental green beans,they are climbers and the beans are 18 to 30 in long :eek: also after the first year you never buy seeds again.It is cool to see the look on peoples face when they see them the first time.Rabbits, hide in your garden at right before dark they will come ;)
  15. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    im no expert..... but last year ( ill say it again) i started using dried blood meal and that stuff REALLY kicked my garden in the behind, it was the best so far....lush and green as could be...that stuff has a LOT of nitrogen in it. im not sure but its like 30-2-2 or something like that,

    i always mix in some 10-10-10 regular old garden fertilizer before i even till in the spring and in the fall....i give one or two aplications during the season and then sprinkle some dried blood around a few times a summer.

    if anyone tries dried blood spread it around real good, i had a couple small piles of it in the garden and i noticed when it got wet it clumped up and got moldy.
  16. have been putting in a garden for the past 15 years. have tried just about everything at one point. i think it's really cool to see how something ""new "" to me grows. pumpkins are my favs. any form of squash, even though i don't eat the stuff. like everyone else i give away more than i use. never had good luck with corn.

    want to see if any of you ever had a problem with a pest that i encountered about 6 yrs. ago. never would have guessed this one in a million years. i lived out in the sticks at the time. things were growing well,then all of a sudden the corn was gone as soon as the ears produced. thought it was the squirrels. next i found bites out of the cukes. no idea. went to myrtle beach for a week,came home and found piles of green beans everywhere , half eaten or a few bites out of them. chunks out of the 'maters. a few days later i watered what hadn't been destroyed and i saw the plants moving but couldn't see what it was. after about 45 mins i finally saw them. RATS. our neighbor had horses and her barn had rats, same for the guy across from us. so between both we ended up with rats in our boulder wall above the pump house for the spring that supplied everyone's water. these varmits had everything they needed there, including my garden. took a couple hundred bucks for poison and about 6 months to totally wipe them out.

    the other bad thing was that i had a nosey little weiner dog that got behind the seat in my truck and ate a partial bag of poison. too make an already long story short,that cost me about 800.00 for vet bills. all 3 dogs had to be treated ""in case"" and take vit. k for 3 months. . the good news is two of the dogs will be 16 in a few months. the other died las year from natural causes.
  17. Chopiq-

    Over the years we have used horse and cow manure, chicken manure (some processed stuff from a seed catolog place) with various degrees of success. You do want something with nitrogen, don't use too much or all you will get are big green tomtao plants without much fruuit. Last 2 years we have been using pellets from our alpacas and have had huge yields on the hills of squash and cukes and tomatos. We also use miracle grow at planting and then every 2 to 3 weeks there after. We also plant the plants on their sides (if they are tall enough) roots will develop along the stem and this also seems to help.

    There are several alpaca farms around your end of town, not to mention the OSU facility out on St. Rt. 142 (I think) and 70. If you can't find any, let me know and I have all you can use! :D :rolleyes:
  18. Here are some veges we had last year. Tomato Celebrity,Jetstar,Sweet Cherry pepper's,Big Beef,Mountain Fresh tomato's,okra. Jingle bells sweet pepper plant was a fast grower it made lots of small peppers.Chinese Cabbege is real good.
  19. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    one thing thats different that im gonna grow again this year is called "ornamental gourds". they are fun to grow. there is a bunch of different varieties on the pack and ive found that each plant produces about 8 gourds, all the same type.

    its just for decoration. but its cool, you cant tell which one the plant is gonna make until they fruit.
  20. yea i had some of them gourd's in my garden. Rember to pull the weeds around them,bc i was looking for them in almost 5ft tall grass last year lol.
    Big Max pumpkins grow real big! the big one from last year was around 50lbs if not bigger.