Almost a Warm Water Grand Slam

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Utard, Jun 26, 2008.

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    Well, you hear about people hitting a trout grand slam every once in a while (cutt, bow, brown, brookie) in one day.
    On Tuesday on my lunch break I came mighty close. Landed 2 SMB, 2 beautiful sunfish hybirds, and a creek chub. I missed the carp so, I guess a 3 run shot isn't too bad right? :)
    They were all caught dead drifting a yellow foam hopper and a squirrel hair nymph I got in a fly swap from FAOL. The water was extremely low and clear and the fish were very spooky. Obviously that is not going to be the case now, so that isn't going to help anyone out. Also, the water temps were just about perfect, but the smallies were acting a little lethargic. For some reason. The sunfish of course were little rockets like always. I can't believe how tough they think they are! Here is a pic from my phone of one very colorful sunfishy. I absolutely LOVE the colors on these fish. The other one was identical in size but had a more prominent white stripe on all of it's fins.

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  2. Flyfish Dog

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    Yea, They sure are some nice looking fish.

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    nice irredecent blue on that guy!