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    As promised:
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    Fished Allum 1 week ago today just after the rainy morning cause I had half a day off. I got into the float tube at about 3:30 in the afternoon just as the sun was trying to peek out of the rain clouds. I was totally alone. Not another soul around. "This," I tought, "should be good."
    I could a lot of little gills hitting the top, but couldn't see what they might be chasing. I saw a lot of hoppers in the grass on the walk down to the water, so I thought something along those lines might work out. I decided to tie on a green humpy in a size 10 hoping to entice the bigger gills and then put a PTN dropper underneath that. I kicked out in the more wooded area of the bay I was in thinking that fish might love the cover.
    I had a small hit on the PTN, but missed so I cast into the trees again and had something almost yank the rod right out of my hands! It was on for 2 head shakes and then gone with my fly. In my excitement I tied on another PTN to the same tippet (6x) and the same thing happened on the next cast. Realizing I'd acted a little too quickly, without thinking I tied on some 3x and another PTN. This time, it yielded a little 8 in gill. I stopped and analyzed then that each of those hits had happened when my Humpy sank a little bit, telling me that the fish were cruising a little deeper than I thought. I quickly removed the humpy and tied on a #4 black bugger and the PTN dropper again and started trolling. [​IMG]
    After kicking for a couple minutes I stopped to make sure I wasn't about to run into anything and after checking over my shoulder started kicking again. I had another monster hit, but missed the hook up! Dang! This is getting old. I stopped, recast (as I'd pulled the flies out of the zone) and let em sink for 30 seconds. On the second strip-stop-strip, it hit again and I buried the hook. The fight commenced and after a little battle and a great aerial show that could have rivaled any smallie, this LMB was brought to hand. [​IMG]
    I was feeling pretty good and started kicking around again. Shortly thereafter another hard hook up resulted in the first fish's twin. [​IMG]
    I kept trolling and lost a few more flies to submerged snags so kicked out a little ways to another spot. Nothing found in the middle, but a few good pictures. [​IMG]

    This little cove looked very promising so I threw it in. [​IMG]
    On the drop I had the hardest hit of the day and its a good thing I had a tight grip on the rod, or it would be gone for sure. This fish fought different. No head shakes, or aerials, just head down deep and stay there. This thing found a spot and wouldn't budge. Finally I kicked over a little bit, changing the angle and it sprung free. It circled me once turning me around 360 degrees and then finally started to tire. Just when I thougt I had it up close enough to see, it shot back down again and the fight continued. 5 or so minutes later (that is a long time for me!) I netter a 19" catfish. This thing took my bead head copper john and was not about to let go (like he had any choice!). Sorry no picture. It was exhausted from the fight and laying upside down in the net, so I quickly revived him and sent him on the way.

    I paddled around a little longer not having any action, and decided I'd had a good afternoon. I'd caught a hand full of gills, one little crappie, a couple nice bass and great catfish. Not to mention, I'd taken some great shots with the camera. [​IMG]

    Hope you guys can get out and enjoy the best time of year to fish!