Allegheny River Float August 2-3-4th

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  1. Anyone who would like to float along with us is more than welcome to. We're fishing the Emlenton area which is very close to northeast Ohio yet seems a million miles away. They do have liveries there if you don't have a canoe or Yak. If you would like to go just let me know, the fishing is great.
  2. what do you fish for on the Allegheny R.?

  3. We fish for smallies but most boats I see are walleye fishing. There are huge muskie caught out of there on a regular basis too. My wife caught the biggest smallie of our last trip on a popper.
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    Interesting...I sent you a pm.
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    do you do a river side camp or float the same section and shuttle back?
  6. This time we're shuttling and fishing a couple different stretches of the river. We usually camp but I'm treating the wife to a room since they're around $40 a night up there. If someone wants to go along and river camp we can work it so we can shuttle you back to your car. I think we may do a river camp trip on the Allegheny in September.
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    How'd the float go?
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    great, check out our club website for some pics.
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    here is a pic of my biggest smallie

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  10. It was a blast as always, It was great to have 4 boats make a trip to Pa.. There are some real pigs in there.