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All you Chevy S10 and Colorado owners...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Seaturd, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Seaturd

    Seaturd Catcher of Fish

    you shoulda bought a Dodge Dakota.... :D

    Okay, let's hear it with the Dodge slams.... I know they're comin'.

    Seriously though, between me and my two sons we have a '97 with 3.9 V6/auto, an '04 with 3.7 V6/5 speed and my '04 4x4 with 4.7 V8 and 5 speed and they have all been outstanding trucks. Neither of the '04's has req'd any work other than mine to repair a deer hit (that didn't bend the frame and barely bent any sheetmetal). The '97 has 130k plus on it and only thing done to it so far has been a water pump.
  2. i bought a 2000 Dakota about 6 months ago i like notta big Dodge fan but i really like this truck its a 5.9 V8 shes got some giddy-up and has been good to me minus the gas mileage :)


  3. I can agree and disagree lol I owned a 00 dakota w/ 3.9 auto and loved it till the ex old lady ran down a fence post. I liked it But I am into customizing my vehicles and my current 97 s10 is alot cheaper and easier to get parts for. I paid $500 for it and only put 300 into and I get 26 mpg city. It only has 115,000 miles on it. Someone hit the bed so I replaced it and did a water pump so far. Granted there may be more in the future but for what I have in the truck I would rather have my s10 lol.

  4. Okay so if you guys don't mind a woman's point of view... I would go with the S-10 any day of the week. My boyfriend has a 1994 4.3l V6 (her name is Bessie) and boy does she fly! This truck has more heart than any other that I/he has owned. It may look a little rough but the engine is great. He has had to do your basic repairs ie battery, alternator, plugs and wires and that is it. She still has ice cold air. Oh and she has over 160k!
  5. Women's opinions always matter cause it seems like alot of guys are out there buying vehicles to over compensate for other things lol I am guilty

  6. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    my suburban has 269,000 miles and still purrrs!#
  7. My first car was a 1990 S-10 Blazer that had 263000 miles on it when I traded it in for my 2005 Colorado Z71 Extended Cab with the 3.5L 5 cylinder. I love the Colorado and have had no problems yet. The 5 cylinder gets 20 MPG and has 220 horsepower, which is plenty for my little boat. Just wait until the 08 Colorados come out with the 5.3L V8. Your Dakotas won't stand a chance!
  8. I for one vote for the Dakota. I've had a 1992, 1996, 1997 and a 2003.
    Never did anything to any of them other than oil and grease. The 96 was recalled for the paint and they gave me the brand new 97. Told me to order whatever I wanted. Granted the gas mileage wasn't as good as my S10's.
    But I had a lot more room in the bed and interior of the truck.
  9. I bought a 2001 Dakota with the 3.9 V6 and it was an awful truck - towed poorly, braked poorly when towing, was very unstable on wet or slick roads (more so than normal IMO). It also broke down once - nothing serious, but I still had to make repairs. I drove it for a couple years unhappily and got rid of it.

    I am not brand specific and have owned 2 S10 pickups, the 01 dakota (also full size Ram), and a Ranger. For the small trucks, my current Ranger is easily the best truck of the bunch. I bought it new in 2003, 4.0 V6, extened cab, short bed, tow package, edge package. I now have almost 100,000 miles on it and not a single complaint. I have taken it everywhere and pull my 2 boats wherever I want with no problems. It also gets about 18-19 miles per gallon city and highway combined.

    I'll be the first to admit there are bad vehicles made or "lemmons" (we call them friday afternoon trucks:D ), but my dakota sucked!
  10. Seaturd

    Seaturd Catcher of Fish

    The '07 Dakota 4.7L V8 is rated at 290 hp - if you need anymore than that you probably should be lookin' at a full size. My '04 4.7L tows my 16' Lund like it's not even there - it takes a heckuva hill to make me drop out of 5th gear on the highway.
  11. i had a 98 dime with the works done to it, custom interior, rims, neon lighting, complete fast bag set up 1/2in airline and valves (air ride but with 250 psi.) custom stereo, paint and all that jazz took it to car shows for 7-8 years changing things here and there. s-10's are very reliable trucks and can be upgraded very easily, the parts that are available for s-10s is outta this world, and if the 4 banger or the 6 wasnt a big enough motor there is a very easy V8 swap kit that has been out for ages, that was what i had planned next for it until my son came along and got rid of the truck for the family vehicles. will have another one, one day to customize and pass on to my son but till then its the family SUV's lmfao. Dakotas are nice trucks they just never appealed to me like s-10's did, the colorado is a nice truck but ive already heard from my buddy at a chevy dealer, that chevy is having a head problem with oil flow on the I-5 engine, but i wont say i wouldnt mind getting one and customizing it and putting it to the weeds, id just drop a LS2 in it LOL