All this Snow wont help our Ice-Fishing

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by icebucketjohn, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Way too much snow. Despite the cold temps today, Wed 2/27, I dont think this much snow is gonna extend our season or make what ice we currently have any safer.

    If anything, it sure will be a pull to haul your gear out to your favorite spots.

  2. You are right icebucketjohn this snow will turn a fun day on the ice into a hard working day. Plus it hides all the thin soft spots, Snow makes a great blanket of insulalution , make it hard for new ice to form.
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  3. You got that right, plus we have another warm-up coming this weekend, mid 40 ies.,and a chance of rain.
  4. I was out on punderson today, theres about 6inches of ice but the snow when all the way up to my knee's.
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    peple of the perch......glad to see you did get out today,,,, I know all to well just what a "snow bowl" going fishing at Punderson can be about..... I used to roam it all..... from the beach the camp ground..... can be some great fishing there if you catch it on the right day.... Did you manage to catch any thing today? No "honey holes needed". ........ Thanks Jon Sr.
  6. We didn't get as much snow here as some of you did and I hope a lot of it blew off. With the rain that could come tomorrow it's not going to help if there's a lot of snow cover. Can't beat Mother Nature just have to take what she deals out.
  7. Here in the NW part of the state we got 6"-8" on Tues and 2"-4" more coming tonight and tomorrow. The first round of snow really put a hurting on the pond ice, the snow pushing the ice down cause to hole to open up and it was a slushy mess. It looked like things froze back up last night but I did not have time to check it out.
  8. Headed to Skeeter off 305. There were some soft spots that cracked a bit when you went around them. Still was pretty solid. Fishing for most looked slow. Hope the sun helps today! Heard a 5#er come off the north end a few days ago. :B