All Night Catfishing Tournaments at Miami Whitewater

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  1. Anyone fished these before? I'm going to try them this year if I can. My question is: If you catch a big one or even 2 big ones, say 20 - 35 pounds, how do you keep them alive and well until the weigh in the next morning? Will they let you come in and weigh it and then release it so you can go back out and the fish's health is not compromised? I'd rather lose a half hour or 45 on the water than unnecessarily kill a nice fish that someone could catch again. I'm guessing you can't weigh mid-tournament, but wouldn't you need a really big marine cooler with an aeration system? Thanks for the help.
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    A large tote with battery powered aerator would work. May have to change the water a few times.

  3. I have done a tournement there before and i am pretty sure that you can bring them in to get weighed in early. That is if i remember right.
  4. Dude if you dont have a partner yet I would be happy to be your partner. Wanted to do it last year but couln't get a partner.
  5. For all Hamilton County Parks tournaments you can bring a fish to be weighed in at any time. So if you catch a large fish just take it and get it weighed, wont take more than 15 minutes if that.
  6. Perfect - that's the answer I was looking for. Thanks!

    Day 81 - I will send you a PM today.