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  1. this spring me and some buddies are going to take a fishing trip somewhere in ohio we want to try to stay on the boat morning to night ..... are there certian times in the day where you should turn your attention twards differnt fish ????? morning..... bass , crappie and at night .....catfish maybe walleye .... do you guys have a schedule you might follow when you go out so that your trip produces fish most of the trip ?????????
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    A couple of years ago my brother-in-law took me on a 20 hour trip in the spring. We started out at 5:00 a.m. jigging for eyes off the reefs, ran over to the shallows off of Cranberry Creek, then after we limited out we went to Marblehead and limited on perch. We then loaded up again and went to downtown cleveland and trolled the rocks for eyes. We only caught one but it was 28" and the perfect end to one heck of a day of fishing. We got back to Akron at about 2:00 a.m.