Alcohol free gas

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by fishkiller, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Do any gas companies sell alcohol free gas anymore? I used to think that Shell,Marathon & Citgo did but was in a Shell station the other day & saw
    a sign on the pump may contain 10% ethanol. Have not seen this at other
    Shell stations.
  2. I thought shell was ethanol free. I run shell in my boat, tractor, 4 wheeler, and truck. It runs way better than most gas. If I put speedway gas in my truck it knocks and if I put speedway in my outboard it runs really rough.

  3. The law states that only at 10% or higher ethanol is it required be posted on the gas dispenser. In the winter all gasoline in this area must contain an oxygenator. (good ole EPA rule) Ethanol is the oxygenator of choice in this region. Winter mixture usually starts hitting the public around October in northern Ohio. Summer fuel probably returns in mid April. Most all gasoline contains ethanol year round at this time in this region.