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  1. Ever caught an albino channel cat?
    I caught one this morning. It was 28" and a very pretty fish.
    Just wondering if albino cats are common.
  2. I've seen them in paylakes down in Kentucky,even caught a couple. Don't see that very often up here.

    Maybe it was someone's exotic pet at one time,and dumped into the lake/stream?

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    Years ago,, North Baltimore res. had some.
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    They're actually pretty common, at least when you look at the occurance rate of albinos in other species. If memory serves me correctly, 1 in 1000 channel cats will be albino. In the wild though, their survival rate is extremely low given the odds and their inabilitiy to "blend in" as young fish.
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    We did see one on Erie at night while bowfishing once. Prolly 3-5lb'er.