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  1. If you are looking for some 7.62 mags for your ak, Copes has a batch of mags that have some surface rust on sale. The mags do have rust but no dents or other physical problems, and have been tested to make sure the follower goes all the way up and down. They are selling 30 rounders for 5.50$

    The way prices have jumped make this a super deal. I bought some, figure I can dremel the rust off and duracoat them or something. If nothing they will make good range mags.

    They are not advertised on the website yet, you have to call them to order.

    I am not involved with them at all, I just happened to stumble across the deal and wanted to try to pass it on to the fellow OGFers.

    Have a good day!
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    Thanks for the tip but..........................What the heck is "Copes"? lol

  3. Sorry, Copes is the name of a popular online supplier... you can check it out here...


    Really good people to deal with. If you don't mind the surface rust these are a steal.
  4. Where are they located??? they advertised some AR mags a couple weeks back on AR15.com, I was going to buy a few but they sold out before I could get my order in, I seen they were in Ohio and was curious as to where.
  5. They are in Ohio, my orders have shipped from 120 Jefferson St,Pitsburg Ohio

    Also shipping on the mags is a set price of 7.95 for every 25 mags. I just found that out, I think they still have some left.

    This is one of the few stores that did not raise their prices the day after the election. They are trying to keep their prices down while they can. Of course the importers are starting to raise prices so sooner or later the stores will have to follow suit, but some of them decided to jack up the price on their ramaining product instead of waiting until they had to reup at higher prices and then pass the increase on.

    I picked up a few 40 round mags for 19.99, and 25 of the rusty mags and they only charged 7.95 to ship. Pretty good deal.
  6. Thanks for the info..yes I seen they had some good deals but unfortunately they sold out of AR mags very quickly, I think Im going to check back with them shortly to see if they will be in stock anytime soon.
  7. Quote:
    "I picked up a few 40 round mags for 19.99"

    Please keep in mind that in Ohio it's not illegal to own a 40 rd mag
    but it is illegal to use it or even put it in your rifle.(unless it's a 22 cal)
  8. Please keep in mind that in Ohio it's not illegal to own a 40 rd mag
    but it is illegal to use it or even put it in your rifle.(unless it's a 22 cal)[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, I understand that. I only use my 30 rounders when I go to the range. Really don't need anything larger, especially with the price of ammo going way up. I am thinking of starting to use 5 rounders...lol

    Thanks for the info.
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    Copes is a great place to do business,have purchased several times..Just a happy customer not affiliated w/them...LOL