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  1. I have a simple question for your pros. I want to start making my own lures also and am looking for a airbrush to purchase. What my main question is I have a 1hp craftsman air compressor. Can I regulate it to work with an airbrush or do I have to purchase a special compressor. I am very new to this and the more detail the better. I wouldn't mind getting someone to help on my first lure with pictures and email if that is possible. Just looking for the general steps in the process.

    Also I wanted to see if this air brush is sufficient enough for a starter or should I look for a better one.
  2. Basscatcher,

    I am glad to see you are going to get involved in baitmaking. Your compressor should be fine. You will need a pressure gauge/regulator so you can vary the psi you are shooting and a moisture trap. Many regulators have moisture traps with them, here is a good example

    As far as that particular Airbrush is concerned, don't waste your money....try and get the best you can are a couple of good starter guns...

    There is mucho help on this site so don't be afraid to ask....


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