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Sandusky Shoreline is up to 59.6 * and last night towards sunset I started to catch some male Crappies. Seems like I waited forever for this event, but that's the human in me. The bite came casting 1/32oz pony jig heads with a clear blue sparkle 1 inch grub attached. The bite never started till about 7:30 p.m. and they were out about 20 feet off the shoreline in about 6 feet of water.
I figure about 2 to 3 more degrees and they will really pick up.
The one suprise I had was for the most part I catch a few SM Bass while fishing for crappies , but last night they were everywhere I was throwing jigs and these "FootBalls" sure looked healthy.
At dark I ended with 11 male Crappies and C&R 9 SM Bass. Sure is something how a increase in water temps raises not only the fish , but humans.
Now I did return this morning and temp had dropped to 56.5 and the bite was hard to get some takers, but with the warming it's just a matter of days for the Sandusky Area and crappies.
Tight Lines,
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