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we finely got on the water yesterday after my son made the trip back home for our gps/fishfinder. the fishing was very cold and the weather was very hot. we shut down in 68 ft of water and trolled ne. we got started at 6:30 and at 12:30 we only had 3 fish in the box then my 10 yr old grandson said god smiled on us the next 2 hours we landed 10 more fish with the 2 biggest being just over 32 inches. then the last hour was a waste of time. but all 3 of us was hot and tired so we gave up at 3:30.

today we got a late start and went to the 05 line to put out lines. and things were alittle better early but as the temp went up the fishing slowed way down. we boated 8 nice eyes by 10:30 then nothing the next hour. we were all still burned and tired from yesterday so we called it quits at 11:30. we are planning to just play things as they come the next few days. we plan on getting another late start tomorrow and will decide how long were going to fish depending on the weather and how tired we get.

good luck to any of you that gets out in the next few days.
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