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Aerator for septic tank

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BuzzBob, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. BuzzBob

    BuzzBob Take a Dad fishing

    I have an aeration tank which is similar to a septic tank except a $400 aerator suspends in the tank and a long stainless shaft blows air into the tank. If you have one you know what I'm talking about.

    Anyway, mine needs to be repaired and I can't find anyone local who fixes them. Any ideas? I travel daily from Clev to Akron so if you know of a place please let me know.

  2. We've had an aeration system for 10 yrs now and believe me I feel your pain. I'm on my 3rd pump. Most of your local septic tank cleaning & repair outfits will offer you a new pump or a rebuilt exchange. Like you though, I couldn't find anyone who would just service the motor and have it ready to go in a few days. Good luck.

  3. Bob, when i used to work i would take electric motors to places to get rebuild,replaced etc. There used to be a place down on rt 42 in medina called hackworths not sure if he still open 330-764-9211 Jim was the owner hope this helps you
  4. Bob, I'm with you guys also. I'm on my 4th motor in 14 years. They said at the shop if you get more then 3 years out of it you're doing great.:( There is a place in Elyria called E&M services. They rebuild them and it only takes a few days, took them 3 days on mine. It cost me less then $300.00. I think it was $280.00 to be exact.

    Here is the number. E&M Services Inc. 600 Lowell St. Elyria, Ohio 44035
    Phone # 440-323-3260
  5. Also, consider a service contract on the system once you do find someone to work on it. I had a contract at my first house because the previous owners had it ............ glad I had it !!! After it ran out, I did the work myself. I worked with an older guy that had worked on them for years tell me to bypass the timer & just let the pump run 24/7 ; it's the start up & shut down that causes them to fail. Not sure if it was coincidence or not, but once I did that, the pump lasted 10 years. Good luck !!
  6. tubuzz2

    tubuzz2 1700 Lund Red and tan

    Mines been going for 5 years now. Not a fun job but every two months take it out and clean the shaft up. Take a knife to it to cut the hair off and clean it up the shaft. What happens is hair and stuff get raped about shaft and it becomes off balance and burns out the bearings. Keep it clean and it will last longer. My 2 cents.
  7. BuzzBob

    BuzzBob Take a Dad fishing

    Thanks for the help guys! I'll give a couple of those places a call tomorrow. Thanks again.

  8. This is the company I used when I had mine, Aeration Specalties. They were very reasonable.6736 Erie Ave N
    Canal Fulton, OH
    Phone: (330) 854-4405
  9. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I had a Jet aeration septic systems for years and went through many aerators over the years.

    They installed a sewer system recently and I have a one month old JET aeration pump that I paid $400 for that I will sell for $250. It looks and is new.
  10. I know your pain also. I used to install these. I really like them better than straight sepic tanks but they need attention. Now to be plain blunt. Do not let any female family member put tampons down the toilet. They disolve but the strings do not. They rap around the shaft. Between hair and tampons strings, the companys are making a killing selling motors. About once a month you have to clean the shaft. If not, it will knock out the motor bearings. Also make up a wire that will clean the air intake. It is the plastic tube that sticks up the top. Spiders will nest in there and plug the intake. Just run the wire down the tube a couple of times. Isn't it amazing what you can learn on a fishing site.
  11. Thats the truth!! LMAO tubuzz and chopper are right on cleaning the shaft. I been looking at mine wondering what makes it go out. The hair and what I just learned also is "string". The other thing I think is moister. The condensation building up in the tank and on the motor. When mine went out I pulled the lid back it was all wet from moister. The case rusted so I'm sure it got into the motor making it lock up. I have the lid off for the past couple of weeks and no moister is building up. But, the wife doesn't like the smell. lol Is there a way from keeping the moister from building up while the lid is on? I'm going to do a little better maintenance and see if I can get 5 years or more out of mine.

    Thats a great deal Lundy is offering. I'd jump on it if I wasn't getting a deck built at this time.
  12. Hey Chucky, the lid over the motor is supposed to be vented. See if it is and its open. Other than that, its just a wet enviroment. A friend of mine did not want to spend money on the motors every couple of years so he built his own. He got a small cheap compressor and put it in his garage. He said he got it from Grangers in Columbus. He said that he can hardly hear it hum. Then he ran an air line to his tank and attached it to some type of devise on the bottom of the tank. The rising bubbles does the airation. It has worked fine for him for years. I can not do it at my house cause the county charges me $50.00 per year for inspection. They don't come every year but you don't know when they will. Although it would work fine, they will fail you cause it is not approved by the county. No kick back.
  13. Hi Lundy ,
    Is this an aeration pump that's sitting on a tripod on the bottom of the tank ?

  14. I have a similar system but mine came installed with it (20yrs ago). basically just 1/2" tubing sticking in the tank and run underground to garage. Originally they used a medical compressor but they are expensive to replace ($400 or so). The last time mine went out, I bought an aquarium compressor and works fine. puts out about 3 psi and runs 24/7 just pumping in air to the tank, kinda like a "bubbler".
  15. Uniontown Septic Tanks got me a rebuilt aerator for around 300 with trade in a few years ago.I did have to turn the old one in first and go back and get the rebuilt one a day or 2 later. I am being forced to tie into a sewer system here on a few months so I may offer my pump and aerator up for sale soon.
    If I remember right its not far off of SR224

    Uniontown Septic Tanks
    2781 Raber Rd.
    Uniontown, OH 44685-8125
    Phone: 330-699-3386